Thursday, April 05, 2007

Is it Christmas Again?

This is what DH and I woke up to this morning -

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That's right! About six inches to be exact. Poor Brie could hardly plough through it. She had to do bunny hops just to get around. Maybe I should invent stilts for Dachshunds :o)

DH and I went for breakfast over in Calais, Maine this morning and we overheard people saying we were supposed to get 14 inches when all was said and done. ACK! I have to wonder if this is some cruel, twisted joke by the Easter Bunny. If so, it's not funny! Green grass, gone. Bare roads, gone.

In case you haven't guessed, DH and I are spending Easter weekend down at the ocean :o) My in-laws are on a trip so we have another wonderful, peaceful weekend of pure silence and bliss. Ahhhh! We arrived last night and when we parked the car, I noticed the outline of a deer in our headlights. It was on the hill behind the house and it wasn't too afraid of us. When it started to walk away, the poor thing was limping. I guess it has been spotted before and it has a mangled back leg :o( DH thinks it was coyotes.

While across the lines, we dropped into a favorite place of mine that carries bolts upon bolts of fabric and at "really" good prices. Their motto is "I should have bought it, when I saw it, at Marden's!" This is very true. Sometimes you go in and there is absolutely nothing. Other times, like today, I was lucky and this is the fabric I picked up -

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Believe it or not, but since we arrived last night, I have hardly put a stitch in my Spring Snapperland. I hope to have it completely done so I can move on to something else. It seems I have enough here to keep me relaxed that I don't need my stitching. I know! Hard to believe ;o)


Jamie said...

Cathey -
Have a happy Easter and enjoy your time at the ocean. Happy stitching!

Mary Ann said...

I love the fabric you found! I hope you have a lovely Easter weekend!!

Jamie said...

The little Pez guy is a cute little sheep for spring! He's a pez dispenser. Too adorable. Have you seen the release SURVIVOR chart? I forget who it's by but I found it under the April releases on! I thought of you immediately.

Karen said...

Have a great easter weekend , you should be out there making a little path for Brie, the fabric is lovely

Faith Ann said...

I saw that fabric at Marden's this morning and wondered if you would pick some up!!

I almost bought some cool looking cereal, but ended up paying 59 cents on a monster truck for DS and that was it LOL.

The roads were pretty slushy in some spots of our drive this morning. Hope it melts SOON. Hope you have a lovely Easter weekend!