Thursday, April 12, 2007

I'm So Excited...

...and I just can't hide it!

Today I gave an interview. That's right, an interview :o) Not just for a local newspaper this time but for a magazine. Yup, a magazine that is distributed all over North America! How cool is that! Do I have your attention? ;o)

Last September I was in the drug store picking up a prescription when I decided to check out the magazine selection before I left. A bright pink cover caught my eye and when I looked closer, I noticed that it was a magazine solely geared towards breast cancer. The name...Beyond - Live & Thrive After Breast Cancer -

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Seeing that this was a new concept that I had never seen before, it peaked my interest and I bought it. Well, I think it's one of the few magazines that I have actually read from cover to cover and enjoyed every minute doing so. I was so impressed, in fact, that I emailed them and shared my story. Months went by though and I got no response.

Then, a few weeks ago, I was in the same drug store picking up another prescription and what do I see among the magazines but another issue of Beyond! Of course I picked it up immediately and added it to my purchases. Again, it proved itself to be just as well put together as the premier issue. Even DH was reading it!

It must have been fate because this past Monday I received a response from the magazine :o) Michele Meyer is a freelance writer for Beyond and she is doing an article called Dancing With The Fear. She wanted to talk to me about my experience so today we talked on the phone and I shared my most intimate worries and fears with her. What a wonderful person she is too. She must have a very good sense of humor because while talking to me, she got a taste of my twisted funny side :o)

So, the article is going to appear in the fall issue of Beyond. Woohoo! As much as I hate this winter weather that WE ARE HAVING IN SPRING (anyone listening!), I almost want to will the summer away so I can read the finished product. From what I have learned, the magazine is being published twice a year. I don't see an actual website for the magazine but they do have one where you can order the back issue.

Now to start counting down the months ;o)


Jenn said...

Very cool and exciting! I'll have to look to see if we get it around here. Keep us posted if you get any new news.

Shannon L. said...

That is fabulous !!! :) Congratulations. And I'm glad to hear about the magazine too.

Faith Ann said...

That's awesome! Glad that you had a good time doing the interview... I'm anxious to see it :)

Jamie said...

This is so fabulous!!