Sunday, November 07, 2010

The (Un)happy Skater

That's an understatement at the moment! LOL!

On Friday, my friend K and I went to the noon hour skate that they have at the local rink. I was excited because I haven't been on skates for 'years' and it was an opportunity for some girl time :o) Now I am not the most coordinated person on this planet but I was proud of the fact that I never fell...not even once! I wasn't the most graceful either but it definitely was a good workout. Unfortunately when I peeled my skates off, my socks were soaked with blood :o( If you gross out easily, don't go any further because here are my war wounds -


Ewwwwww! So now I have two good sized blisters on both heels and one huge blister on the arch of my right foot. Thankfully I haven't had to go out but when I do, I may have to wear my Crocs :o) LOL! No worries though, this hasn't deterred me from going again!

Sabrina has been making a few appearances but there are three other projects that I want to do before the end of the year. I've accepted the fact that she won't be finished and my goal will not be met but that's okay.

I've started one of these projects already. Here is Happy Skater by LHN -


The fabric in the picture will be the backing fabric when it's transformed into an ornament. I was SO happy to find something Christmassy that matched the Tumbleweed linen :o)

All I can say is that I hope it's going to be a good mail week! I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that it's been steadily raining since Thursday night. Yup, rain, rain, rain. After doing a little research, they're saying we've had five inches of rain since the evening of November 4. DH and I are seriously questioning this. Poor Duncan hasn't been able to get out much. This morning DH attempted to make him a rain coat -


ROFL! No, he didn't wear it during his walk this morning ;o)


Stephanie M. said...

Living in Southern California not too many ice skating rinks. I used to take lessons, but it has been many years since I have actually skated. Now since I have had hip surgery, probably not a good idea. Sorry that you got blisters that is horible.

What kind of dog is Duncan...he is too cute!

Have a great Sunday!

Annie said...

Those blisters look miserable! Much safer to stitch skaters. Hope that rain subsides soon!

Danielle said...

I understand your pain about pets and rain. We have two dogs, one big and one small. The big dog will go out, do his business quickly, and come right back in. The little dog won't even set foot outside when it's raining. I laughed hard at your dog's "raincoat"!! LOL. Great find on the fabric for the ornament. I always love when I find a perfect backing fabric.

Myra said...

Ouch! Those blisters look painful. LOL'ing at Duncan's rain coat - I hope you see some sunshine soon. Your WIP looks nice, the fabric you chose compliments it nicely.

Irene said...

Ouch ! I used to skate a lot as a teen and loved it. Don't know it I would try today though. The fabric looks great with the skater. Duncan doesn't look to happy with his coat.

Chris said...


Daffycat said...

Oh ~ owie! I always got blisters skating. I learned to put a bandaid on the trouble spots before I went!

Feel free to send some of that rain my direction. We could use some moisture in Oklahoma.

Your new WIP is fabulous and that fabric matches so well!

Denise said...

Ice or roller skating? Ouch! A little Vit E should help them heal. Mmm, Duncan looks a bit miserable. That's a lot of rain!

Smiles - Denise

Mary said...

Ooo, hope your feet heal quickly...some stitching "sit-down time" may help :)
Your WIP looks great and the backing fabric is perfect. Lucky find!

Poor Duncan. It's tough on pets when they can't get out. The raincoat is dog would never sit so patiently - it would be ripped to shreds in a second....

Hope this week is a better one for you!

Tina said...

Ouch! Those blisters look painful.
Funny picture of the dog and his raincoat.

Melissa said...

So sorry to hear about your blisters. Hope they heal quickly. Your progress is great! Cute dog!!!

Carol said...

Oh--I can hardly bare to look at those blisters, Cathey! I could never have been a doctor--that's for sure. Hope your feet heal soon...

I love the fabric you've chosen for the Happy Skater--really perfect!

Hope things dry out up there very soon--you may just have to get Duncan his very own boat if the rain continues :)

Julie said...

OUCH!! that looks really painful, a couple of years ago there was an ice rink put up for the Christmas seasonn in our city, such fun to be outdoors skating around to Christmas carols.

Nice start on the ornament

Porr doggy, that raincoat would have done his street cred no good at all LOL

Lili said...

Oh poor you with those blisters! :(
I just love the ornie: I'm stitching it and its companion and having a lot of fun. ;)
This thankful kiss is a blast! I love it!
I might borrow your idea to make a beautiful coat for Euston as the weather here is equally awful...
Lili Bear

Ranae said...

oh you poor thing look at those blisters. I get them too, so I feel your pain. I love ice skating, though I don't do it anymore as much I as I would love too. We have a new tv program "skating with the stars" it like dancing with the stars. I can't wait to watch it. I love your LHN WIP.
Duncan looks like a wrapped up pup, lol you can ship him here, lol
Take Care!!!

Melanie said...

Argh! That looks terribly painful. :(

Crazee4books said...

Hi Cathey,

Oh!! Ouch!! Yikes!!

Well, you've got souvenirs of
your first skating outing of
the season to bring back happy
memories. Or something like

I haven't been on skates since
my days in public school and
back then I wasn't any good at
it either. Couldn't keep my
ankles straight so my legs were
in a bowed position as I wobbled
my way around the rink.

Good for you for not giving up
in spite of those nasty blisters.
But we already know that you're
a fighter, eh?

Happy Skater is an appropriate
and sweet project to be starting
under the circumstances and I
really love that fabric you've
chosen to finish her with.

Wonder what the other two
projects are??

We haven't had rain here since
last week, and I think that this
week is suppose to be really,
really nice. Since I'm off on
a few days holiday next week
I'm sure that we'll get rain
and colder temperatures then.

That's just the way these things
tend to work.

Awwww... poor Duncan!! LOL!!
What we put our poor animals

And by the way Cathey, thank
you for the sweet e-card for
Halloween. That kitty is so
adorable. You're sweet for
thinking of me. Hugs!

Have a great week, stitch a
lot and stay off your feet!!


♥ Nia said...

wow! You were really enjoying skating for not noticing the wounded feet!

hahahah Duncan's rain coat looks fabulous! LOL :D
It's raining a lot here too .. =/
Would Duncan lend me his coat? hahahahah

Patty C. said...

Sorry about the skating blisters :O!!!
I like the happy skater ornament

Lori-Ann said...

Well, I will let that icky picture be my motivation to avoid a blister when I lace up my skates for the first time. We have an arena close by and Steve skates. Should be interesting when you consider that I have vertigo by times, LOL. Gonna wear a helmet.

Glad you have a comrad now... have you recruited her? hehehe

Yup, the Island had huge amounts of rain too. Nice attempt at a rain coat.

Aussie Stitcher said...

Ouch!!! I feel your pain, whenever I do any sort of skating I always end up with blisters. Bless your DH for thinking of Duncan with the 'rain coat', was Duncan embarrassed to have his butt sticking out?LOL