Friday, September 25, 2009

Odds & Snausages?

The puppies were born! Last night, L had to take momma to the vet to deliver the babies. The first baby was breech and the second had its front legs in the wrong position. Poor momma had a very hard delivery but everyone is okay :o) There are two males (one red and one piebald) and three females (two reds and one piebald). I got to see pictures of them already and they're just butterballs. L said I could come over sometime next week. I can't wait.

This past week, I did a bit of finishing. Do you remember the Stitch To Win (by The Prairie Schooler) that I stitched? Well, I found some fabric that I think goes very well with it. I made it into a pinkeep/ornament and it's on the fabric that I used for the back of it -


Of course I couldn't find any breast cancer fabric to match but I'm happy with this compromise. What do you think? And here I have it pictured with my new pumpkin jar that I bought -


Pumpkins are popping up everywhere because DH bought me this light -


I luv it :o)

On Monday, DH and I went to Lunenburg and I found a shop there that is going to carry my pictures :o) She was very impressed with them and took 15. It's on a consignment basis but at least I have my work out there. I did get some disheartening news last night though :o( I had applied to get into a craft co-op but since they only had one spot (I didn't know this), I didn't get in. I am doing some research about opening my own shop online so we'll see what happens.

Tomorrow I'm driving to the big city to meet up with DH. He's been there training and I guess he's got a really nice suite so I'm going to be staying there for a few days :o) I figure I might as well take the opportunity to relax. I've got my stitching already packed and I'll be bringing the computer as well. I'll also be driving to Moncton and back on Sunday so I can celebrate my grandmother's birthday :o) Unfortunately travel is not as easy as it was before.

Anyway, please remember to enter your name in my Blogoversary/50,000 Hits giveaway! Just scroll down a little bit and you'll find all the details there. And remember, I'll be drawing the names and announcing the winners on the 29th :o)

Btw, check out Tammy's Blogoversary drawing that she's going to have! There are some awesome prizes there :o)


~Tammy said...

I love the pumpkin decorations. They are cute, but I bet not anywhere near as cute as those puppies!

WOOHOO getting your pictures out there. Are you listing them collectively anywhere on line and I've missed the convo?

Rachel S said...

Woo hoo for puppies! That is wonderful!

Those pumpkins are cute! Have fun on your trip

I like the fabric. It enhances the design.

Daffycat said...

Beautiful finish and the fabric matches very well. If I see any BCA fabric I'll know who wants some.

Your new pumpkins are so darling!

Holy cow! NEW PUPPIES!!! I've never seen one-week-old puppies before...have fun cuddling!

Crazee4books said...

Hi Cathey,

Your little PS Stitch to Win is
so sweet and I think the fabric
that you chose to back the
finished pinkeep with is just
lovely and a perfect match for
the design. Love the pinks and
the blues together.

I love your pumpkins!! Are they
both ceramic?? The bright orange
one is my favorite, but the
more countrified one is very nice
too. Can you believe it's Fall
already?? I think I'll put out
my Fall decorations this weekend.

I'll bet those newborn puppies
are just adorable. Is there
anything sweeter then puppies
and kittens??

How exciting that you are
having your pictures sold in a
couple of venues now. It's too
bad about the craft co-op but
I'm sure that other opportunities
will come along.

You're most welcome re: donation
to Humane Society in Brie's name.

I know and appreciate how much
Brie meant to you, and what a
wonderful little dog she was.
I know how awful it is to loose
a beloved companion and the hole
it leaves in your heart and your
life and your home. I just
wanted to do something to commemorate Brie's life. And to
let you know that I was thinking
of you at this sad and difficult

Hugs. Judy

Irene said...

Cute pin keep, love the pumpkins.
Enjoy your time away. Can't wait to see which puppy you get :)

Alberta said...

I have some breast cancer fabric scraps from a past me if you would like to have some of the larger pieces.

Glad mom & puppies are doing well!

JOLENE said...

Such great news!! Congrats to the new "Grandma Pumpkin".....I can't wait to see photos of the new butterballs!!! And secondly, how wonderful for you to find a shop for yor artwork!! I hope everything goes well for you and sell a ton!!! Have a relaxing time stitching in the queen's suite......

Katie said...

Oh sounds like fun, the big city is soo pretty. Wish your gram a happy birthday for me would ya? :)

Oh little butterball puppies, the sight of those would make me turn to goo :)

Ranae said...

Love the pumpkins!
The fabby is awesome with the colors of the pinkeep/ornie.
pretty finish.
Great news and glad everydog is o.k.

Anonymous said...

Your site is lovely, there is just something about Autumn and Pumpkins!

Tammy said...

Have seeing the puppies and we want to see pictures ;)

I have a giveaway on my blog if your interested


Anonymous said...

Puppies!! Congratulations. Can't wait to find out if it's a girl or boy. :o)

I love the fabric on Stitch to Win.

I've been reminded to bring out my pumpkins. :o)

Teena in Toronto said...

Very nice decorations :)

SueFitz said...

Congrats on your blogoversary!

Love your pumpkins and stitching.

Rachael said...

Lovely pinkeep,backing fabbie is lovely as well!
Oh is that cookie pumpkin jar..yum!
Have fun cuddling those puppies!!

Annie said...

Puppies, pinkeeps and pumpkins... What's your favorite letter anyway? ;-)

Pretty pinkeep finish and the pumpkins are great accessories.

WendyCarole said...

love the stitching and the pumkins

Suzanne said...

Ooohhh puppies! Let us know how many you get! LOL

Lori-Ann said...

Great finish! and love the lamp!
Anytime you are in Moncton, you really should pop in and say hi to me!! I would love to give you a hug and chat a little.