Thursday, September 10, 2009

Has It Only Been Ten Days?

There are moments when it feels like it was just yesterday but then there are moments when it feels like it's been months. The pain is still raw but I was slowly starting to come around...until last night that is. Let me just say that I believe fate is playing a part with a plan I have but it was not well received by DH :o( Hopes have somewhat been crushed but as promised, I am going to take one day at a time and we'll see what happens.

Since DH went back to work and I have the days to myself, I feel a bit lost. I've been puttering around the house, trying to fill my days with something productive rather than sleeping all the time. It's been hard but I've been pushing myself so that I avoid that 'depression hole'. Believe it or not, I've been so desperate that I've actually been looking for some part-time work! As of right now, I've applied to two jobs.

On the photography front, I went to one of the local museums on Tuesday and they took 12 of my pictures, but on consignment. She was really impressed with them so I was happy to hear that. Since this is the end of the tourist season though, I'm not sure how well I'll do there but at least I have my foot in the door for next year. I also contacted the gift shop at the local hotel to see how things were going and they've sold around four of my pictures so far. Not bad for such a short period of time :o)

Poor Duncan has been very lonely since Brie left :o( In a good way, it's gotten me/us walking again. Duncan put on a few more pounds when we left him at the kennel so it's not only good for us but good for him as well. I think he's got to lose around five pounds. As for me, I went up four pounds and I'm determined to get rid of them. I told DH last night that I don't mind gaining a bit of weight, if it would just locate itself in the right my ass!

You may have noticed that my Blogoversary is coming up soon. Stay tuned for a wonderful giveaway in celebration of my THREE years of Blogging :o) Wow, hard to believe. What's even more amazing is that my counter is getting very close to the 50,000 mark! I figure that's enough for another celebration so keep your eyes peeled.

Again, I want to thank everyone for their kind words and support. Over the last three years, I have met some amazing Bloggers that I now consider wonderful friends. You guys are the best and I'm very thankful to have you there :o)


Irene said...

Hang in there Cathey, think of all the good memories. Sounds like you are doing well with the photos. Is there a community centre near you, they may have some day activies that would interest you.

~Tammy said...

Sending great big hugs on your healing for Brie and congrats on the picture sales.

ohiofarmgirl said...

I know..I am with you on this. We are traveling to get our new puppy on Sunday..even though I have said for two years that we were not going to replace her once she was gone. But my daughter was so sad and still is that I just gave in. I hope I know what I am doing. I still miss Jackie everyday. Dianntha

Anonymous said...

Hang in there. I know a little of what your feeling. I found out my puppy is in heart failure and I am going to lose him too. I am thinking of you

WendyCarole said...

Thinking of you.
Good you have had positive feed back about your photographs.

Chiloe said...

It's wonderful you were able to sell some pictures !!! Hope we could see them somewhere ;-)

Hope you are going to feel better soon. Maybe a job could help you meet new people and do something different ;-)

Alberta said...

Cathey, you have inspired me so many times with your stitching, your photos but most of all your point of view on everyday stuff like stray hair! I'm happy to call you Friend!

Velda said...


I'm sorry I've been 'gone' or so it seems. Tammy was over and told me about Brie. My heart aches for you, I'm so incredibly sorry for your loss, especially after all you went thru. Thinking of you often.


Lori-Ann said...

Hugz... I'm still on the weight loss wagon. Good luck!