Thursday, February 26, 2009

In PB Mourning

Please say it isn't so! PLEASE! PLEASE!

I went to get my hair done last night and this is one of the best salons in town. They make your visit worth the extra money by providing a nice calm atmosphere, including hand massages :o) So I'm sitting in the chair, all nice and relaxed when my hairdresser informs me that the word on the street is that Prison Break is being cancelled! Huh? AND...this will be their last season! WHAT?


When I got home, I did a little digging on the internet and only confirmed what my hairdresser said :o( WHERE the hell was I when this was announced back in January???? In the post, the author states "We all saw this coming..." Well I sure didn't! Or maybe I did and just didn't want to admit it. Sniff!

WHO is the idiot that decided this???? Where am I going to get my PB fix after this???? They fill television with all this reality crap and they're going to take away the one show that has kept my interest enough to want to buy the DVD sets. Where did things go wrong?

Waaaaaaaaaah :o(

So, I'm off to do a bit of mourning. I'm a little verklempt...


Anonymous said...

Oh dear ((Gentle Hugs))
Love the new look!!

Annie said...

But at least your hair looks good, I assume!

Karen said...

LOL what will you do

Irene said...

This is the first I have heard of it. Maybe they should hire new writers.

Lori-Ann said...

My condolences.LOL

On another note, I like the makeover you gave your blog!

Wait till you hear what I am mourning over! :o(

Chiloe said...

I'll say DVD watch twice a week? could it help? lol I feel sorry for you though ;-)

Carolyn said...


I feel your pain-I couldn't believe it either..What are we going to do now??

I still have my CSI Miami and New York and of course The Sara Connor Chronicles but I agree pretty soon it is going to be all reality tv before we know it:(
which will suck big time..

Kathryn said...

Welcome to lowest common denominator television. "Reality" shows, or more accurately, unscripted shows are very cheap to make, even if they give away a million dollars. And with ratings higher than most scripted shows, expect a lot more unscripted shows in the future. At least we DO have DVDs (try some British ones like State of Play or MI5) and quirky shows on cable channels like Leverage or Damages. I am in mourning for Dirty, Sexy Money (also cancelled). I'd pay to watch Donald Sutherland read the telephone book. And the rest of the cast is good, too.

stitcherw said...

So sorry to hear your fav show is being cancelled. I haven't watched this, but I love Monk and this will be its last season. I hate it when we get hooked on a show and it stops. So do you have the series on DVD so you can rewatch it?

Glad you found a place to stay, the view of the porch looks great. I can't believe how some realitors just don't listen to what someone is asking for. In this economy you'd think they'd pay better attention to try and ensure a sale and commission.

So sorry to hear about your arm. I'm a bit behind in reading and just saw your earlier post on your reaction to the niacin (how scary) and your fall on the ice (major ouch). Hopefully it continues to heal and you're back to stitching pain free more quickly than anticipated.

Daffycat said...

Oh, I love your new blog dress!

I don't watch Prison Break but I feel your pain. "They' always cancel my favorite shows :o(

***big hugs***

Olenka's Stitches said...

I feel sorry for you, at least you can get DVDs to watch.
But the hair? Does it look great?

mumzy said...

I guess we will have to join you in mourning. That was one of our favorite shows and we are ticked off that we will not get to see the end of it. Have you heard why it is being cancelled. Boohoo!

Paisley said...

Well, it looks like it will end before it "jumps the shark". That, at least, is a good thing.

Suzanne said...

I understand completely. I don't watch that show, but when the cancel Law and Order SVU I'm going to go into a decline myself.

Rachel S said...

I think partly because the one guy has legal troubles.

I feel the same way when my faves get cancelled.

Shannon said...

I heard it was going to be cancelled :( I haven't watched it - yet. Maybe I'll just collect the DVDs and watch it from start to finish.

But let's face it. If it's a good show, and we like it, it's bound to be cancelled. I'm just amazed it took so long. Usually shows I like get canned after the first or second year lol

Reality tv sucks ! But seems to be the way tv is going. :(

Crazee4books said...

Hi Cathey,

My sympathies about Prison Break.
I know how it feels when you're
favourite TV show is yanked off
the air while a ton of crappy
programs remain on air. And I
don't (won't) watch reality
shows. Actually, the only TV
I watch is HGTV (House and Garden).
Most of the time I'm on my
computer or stitching or reading

Hmmm. Love the view you posted
of the house where you'll be
living. That deck would be
fabulous to settle on to stitch,
and the ocean there, right on
your doorstep!! Heaven or
paradise, or both!

That's great that you'll be able
to attend your DH's graduation
in Regina. And it'll mean so
much more to him knowing that
you'll be there to watch him
receive his diploma.

Ahhh....there's something special
about a man in uniform....

How's the elbow???

WendyCarole said...

Have never watched Prison break But I know how you feel I was gutted when they pulled Judging Amy LOL

Thanks for the comments on my blogged. I am not keeping a journal but Nancy's pages did inspire me.

Alberta said...

I hope your hair looks good despite the news of PB's cancellation!