Friday, February 06, 2009

For Jake

They have no voice. They cannot talk for themselves. They rely on us to love and take care of them. They are not given choices. Most of the decisions are made for them. They can cry out but there has to be someone there to listen so that they can be heard.

I'm not sure how far this story reached but if you've been watching or reading the news lately, you might have come across it. Believe me; you'll remember if you have. I'll warn you now that there are some strong opinions in this post!

In Minto, New Brunswick, a 73-year-old man took a 'hammer' to six Pomeranian puppies back in April 2008 when the SPCA arrived to seize his dogs. Yes, that's right...a hammer. He killed five of those puppies but somehow, one survived. Although seriously injured, Jake has now found a loving new family.

On February 3, 2009, Judge Patricia Cumming (a woman no less) found this man NOT GUILTY and he was acquitted of all animal cruelty charges in connection to the deaths of the five Pomeranian puppies. NOT GUILTY! Her reasoning? She said "the evidence showed the dogs were rendered unconscious when they were hit with Barton's carpenter's hammer and therefore they did not suffer." I'm sorry but WTF???? WTF is this crap? So if I were to go up to someone and hit them on the back of the head with a hammer, which eventually kills them, can I be found not guilty as well? I know, I know, some people will argue that animals are not humans so therefore it can't be considered the same. That's bullshit!

I was listening to the radio yesterday when I heard the news report again. I'm not sure who said this but basically they stated that the animals were Mr. Barton's 'possessions' and he could 'dispose' of them any way he wished to. Again, I have to say, WTF? What is this world coming to? When were living creatures considered possessions and deemed so little respect? Humans are responsible for domesticating these animals but somehow, we don't want to be responsible 'for' them. We've interfered with their lives, moved in on 'their' territories but we do not value them. These animals breathe the same air as we do but we do not see them as living creatures. If they become a 'problem' or get in our way, we feel we have the right to relocate or 'dispose' of them.

Ronald, one of the puppies killed.

So who is going to stand up and speak for these animals? Yes, we do have groups and organizations across Canada for this but this just goes to show you how little effect they have had so far. We are supposed to be a 'human' race so where is the 'HUMANITY'? Why do the lives of animals have to mean so little? When is the justice system going to open its eyes and make better laws? They probably won't because it's easier just to stand there with their eyes shut. We need stricter animal cruelty laws in Canada and we've been saying that for years now. When is this going to change?

If I was ever ashamed to be a Canadian, this would be the time. What am I going to do about it? I have no idea. If someone can point me in the right direction please do so and I'll do what I can. But I know one person can't change the world and what's sadder yet, what if that world just doesn't want to change?


Irene said...

I'm off to hug my Tiger and remind her how lucky she is.

Olenka's Stitches said...

This person sure has mental problems but the judge....??? In most cases animals are more civilized than "human beings", they kill for food.

Lori-Ann said...

I know... this was/is a very sad story.

The SPCA officer assigned to the case, said in the news on the television, that the laws need to be changed so that animals are not possessions and have rights, before this kind of thing stops. Kinda reminds me of slavery.

Just a friendly reminder... Certifiable followers need to check my blog before Friday 13th ;o)

Hope you are well.

Anonymous said...

OMG how sad is that!! Oh poor things!
maybe he would like a hammer taken to his head!!

Suzanne said...

WTF is right! That story made me cry, but the picture of the little puppy really made me sit here and sob.

Christine said...

I hadn't heard of this story and I am in tears reading your post (I can barely see to type; there's no way I can read the article you linked to). What a horrible, despicable human being for doing that to those gorgeous puppies and what a horrible, despicable human being for saying what he did was okay. I am beyond words. I have the most wonderful Pomeranian who is so sweet and loving and I can't imagine that someone would do this. This breaks my heart.

I agree with brokenfairy that a hammer should be taken to both of their heads and then they can say whether those poor puppies suffered. I absolutely do not get how we choose judges in this country because more often than not, judges seem to be the criminals who need to be imprisoned.

Diane said...

Shocking! Someone should take a hammer to the heads of that man and that judge! I'm sick to my stomach.

Sharon said...

What a horrible senseless thing to do and an even more horrible senselss judgement! I can never imagine how or why people get it into their heads that killing is a solution for anything!

Anonymous said...

Linked here from Christine the Mtrl Girl.

Sadly, the recent pet food tainting situation proved that our beloved furbabies have ALWAYS been considered property in the eyes of the judicial system, at least in the US (I'm sorry but I can't offhand recall any court decisions in other countries). Look at how many bereaved pet owners were given pittances to replace a dead dog that wasn't even enough to cover adoption costs, much less medical care expected for a new pet, and CERTAINLY nowhere near enough to cover medical care incurred JUST for the melamine poisoning.

These laws need to have been changed long ago, and worldwide. I can see a judge trying to determine where the line is between pet and feral who's mooching, or pet and wild animals, but I think that most if not all pet owners are diligent enough about medical care that they would have paperwork to prove status. If nothing else, why would we pay so much for shots and spaying if Fluffy isn't a pet?

Sonda in OR said...

Oh Cathey, that's a horrible story. It makes me sick to think of it. It is appalling to think that a judge could even let someone off for that and with that type of reasoning. Heaven help us all.

Maren said...

Oh God, I think I feel sick. That's awful, but worse, while I wish I could say that level of human cruelty surprises me, it doesn't. Late one night last fall, I was driving on the highway when the van one car ahead of me opened its passenger door (doing 65 at the time) and hurled a dog out onto the road. At first I thought it was a roll of carpet. The car in front of me swerved and went on. I stopped when I saw movement. The dog suffered a broken leg from the landing and is absolutely scared to death of cars now, but survived. After reading stories like yours, however, all I can say is that judge needs to be removed from office for gross incompetence.

stitcherw said...

That is so sad, and I can't believe the judge let him off. If he can do something like that to defenseless puppies, it makes you wonder what else he is capable of. People, and especially judges who hear these cases, really need to be aware of what this type of cruelty is and what it can mean potentially and put a stop to it.

Leeland said...

Cathey, my sweet Cathey...
I can tell you that the same law applies in france, that animals are considered as objects... And it's an absolute shame.
I wanted to pop in and say Hi and I'll write you an email soon; but I had to comment this one.
The Leeland pseudo if for Lili in France. I have a second blog on Blogger in French with a different pseudo. But it's me! Need a proof? Last time I popped in, I told you I desperately need one of those magical pills. Still true.
Many hugs your way,

Wendy said...

I just have no words that are blogable....about this man or the judge who set him free.

~Tammy said...

That is disgusting, gross, heartbreaking and simply wrong! Poor little peanuts.

Honey, one person can make a difference because 1 person becomes 2 and then 3, and 4... you get the idea. Every idea, good or bad had to start with one person strong enough, passionate enough to share their idea.

Sending teary-eyed hugs.

Erynne said...

Sick, sick, sick!! Piece of property, my a$$. I could never look at my Mika like that....she's my baby girl.

Jenna said...

This is awful. Words cannot express my horror at reading about this atrocity. Of course, it hits home even harder for me, as the owner of a Pomeranian and one who would never own another breed. My furbaby is my child and I can't imagine anyone who could treat them so callously. Stand up for what you believe in!