Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Feeling Halloweenie

I don't know what it is lately but I've been in the Halloween mood. Maybe it's that autumn smell in the air or the coloured leaves swirling around on the ground. Maybe it's all the cool costumes in the stores or the fact that I'm stitching two Halloween pieces. Maybe it's watching the flocks of Canada geese flying south or all the piles of pumpkins in front of the grocery stores. Whatever it is, it's really got me going :o)

I never used to like Halloween because that's when my grandfather passed away. I was in Grade 4 and I can remember my parents coming and picking me up at school. We were having our class Halloween party and I was dressed up in my costume. This was my first experience with loss so as we drove to Moncton, I watched the Trick or Treaters going from house to house and I couldn't understand why I had to give that up :o(

I'm not really one for dressing up and going to Halloween parties anyway but in the past few years, I've found that I have been enjoying everything that leads up to the day. I love strolling the isles in the stores and looking at all the different decorations. As you can probably guess, I'm a sucker for pumpkins ;o) I was in Wal-Mart the other day and came across Halloween costumes for dogs. Well, didn't I find the hot dog costume I've always wanted to get for Brie -


If money wasn't tight right now, I would have bought it just to tick off a certain DH ;o)

One sure sign that I'm in the Halloween mood is when I break out the horror movies! I know a lot of people are not huge fans of such a movie genre but I love them :o) Okay, let me put it this way, I love them if 1) its daylight or 2) there's someone else with me. I do have a wimpy side. LOL! Yesterday I broke out Halloween H2O. Did you know that the mask that Michael Myers wears is actually the face of William Shatner, only painted white? That's scary enough right there!!!!

To answer Suzanne's question, and there may be others that are wondering, yes, we do celebrate Halloween here in Canada and it is on October 31. So what's up with my counter then? No, it's not incorrect. I can count, up to 31 anyway ;oP On October 21, I will be celebrating Pumpkin Day!


Yes, it's an actual day and hey, since I'm known as Pumpkin I figure I might as well take over that day as my own :oD So, on October 21, I highly suggest you stop by my Blog for some Pumpkin Day party fun!


Karen said...

oh what a cute outfit lol

CritterLady62 said...

I love the little doggie costume. I have cats so there is no way on this earth I could even think of trying to dress them. There is something fun about Halloween and all of the decorations etc. I need to get mine out!

Annie said...

Who knew? I'll be happy to join in the Pumpkin Day festivities.

And that hot dog costume is a a riot!

Rachel S said...

I love the hot dog costume! Love it. I found little costumes for the twins at the dollar store, they weren't bad for a buck.

Iris said...

I'm also in a Halloween mood..... but then... I'm always in a Halloween mood ....LOL

Olenka's Stitches said...

Dear Pumpkin,
Thank you for the invitation to the Pumpkin Party!

~Tammy said...

I love this time of year for many of the same reasons you do. It warms my heart, as hokey is it may sound to see all the autumn yard decorations and pumpkins in the yards. It feels like home, if that makes sense at all.

Love the doggie costume. Miss Daisy has a black and orange coat that she wears. It is in the spirit of the season.

Irene said...

How sweet to have a day named after you !:)

mumzy said...

Well,I finally got the answer to the Pumpkin Day clock. I meant to ask you every time I talked to you, but I always forgot. We will look forward to celebrating your Day.

Brie would like just too cute in that outfit.

I have made a batch of pumpkin jam and it looks good. Just finished it a couple of hours ago, so will maybe have some for breakfast tomorrow.


Suzanne said...

Ok, so now I know that Pumpkin Day and Halloween are not the same in Canada...however, I still don't know what Pumpkin Day is!!! Guess I'll find out on the 21st... LOL

Paisley said...

Love the weiner dog costume! I'll be sure to stop by on the 21st for the Pumpkin Party!

Lili said...

Great! I love the Pumpkin day idea!!!
I'm a horror movie fan. I watch them at night with DH (not alone either) and generally have a good laugh. Watching them while stitching also makes them more fun than scary, mind you... Lol!
I'm glad that Brie didn't get this coat, you know... She would have tried to eat herself. Isn't it a great horror movie idea? Yuck...

Lori-Ann said...

Yay, Pumpkin Day!! Should have guessed there would be such a thing... there is a day devoted to all sorts of things now :o)

Sorry about the sucumstances surround the passing of your Grand Father. I had myself in your shoes as you were describing it, and I could imagine how confused, sad and disappointed you would have been.

I sewed a hotdog cotume for Frankie in year one or two. Talk about funny!! I wonder where those pictures are, LOL.

I like the scary movies at Halloween too... but now I have James to watch them with. I also need day light and preferably some friendly company.

Fun, fun, fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Only 13 days! I can't wait!!

How can anyone NOT want to put their doxie in a hot dog costume? Silly dh!

Lisa said...

Oh lucky you getting Prison Break soon, I love the show but we are still waiting for the start of Season 3 here in Australia. At least I have my Supernatural to watch in the meantime even though that is still in Season one.

Lauralness said...

Love the costume!

Katie said...

I don't know which is funnier...the costume or you saying weenie :P

Anonymous said...

I'll be sure to pop over to see what you're up to on 21st October.

Doesn't that dog look cute.