Monday, October 13, 2008

All Points Bulletin

If you are one of my readers or a Blogger that would like to participate in a quick but meaningful RR, then you've come to the right place :o)

DH and I came home on Saturday evening after an exhausting day of working when I found a plastic bag hanging from our front door. Inside contained a RR project that I had started back about THREE years ago! I had asked a friend of mine to do the sewing bit and with life getting in the way, we just never hooked up. Thanks to my wonderful stitching channel, the project got delivered :o) Thanks Katie!

Some of you may have already seen this poem. It's called What Cancer Cannot Do and it's a freebie by Gloria & Pat -


I stitched it on 18 count white Davos. I had found some beautiful pink ribbon fabric and I got my friend to sew the poem into a wall hanging -


Wait, it doesn't stop there! As you can see, there is quite a wide border around the poem but there IS a method to my madness ;o) The wall hanging is not completely closed up so it allows you to continue stitching on it. you see where I'm going with this? As you can see in this picture, I have added my name above the poem -


To those who would like to participate in this RR, you would be backstitching 'your' name or the name of someone you know that has been touched by cancer. Hey, you can always do both too! These names will go around the poem. I have calculated enough room for three rows. Those that fought breast cancer will have their name backstitched in dark pink (like mine) while the others, friends and family, will be using the lighter green.

Wait, there's more! Along with the RR piece, there will be a journal that will accompany it :o) In this journal the participants can write whatever they wish. Maybe you have a beautiful memory of a loved one that has passed away from breast cancer and you want to write it down. Perhaps you want to write out your own fears with regards to this awful disease. Tell a story about where this book has been and where it's going to. The book is a blank canvas and you are the artist. Create what 'you' want to create :o)

This is going to be a very special piece for me in the end. It will be a joint project that I will be honoured to display in my home :o) I have a lovely hanger from which it will hang from. So if you are interested in participating, please leave a comment on 'this post only' and instructions on how to get a hold of you via email. PLEASE do not leave your mailing address. I'll leave this RR open until Pumpkin Day and then afterwards I will create a mailing list.

I'm in need of your help so spread the word! I'm SO excited to start this rolling and what better way than to have your friends by your side :o)


Anonymous said...

Hi, it's me, T. I'd love to participate. :o)

~Tammy said...

I would love to participate.

You know how to reach me.

What a wonderful piece this going to be it's back home to you.

Suzanne said...

What a cool idea! I have not lost anyone I know to breast cancer, although my aunt had it and is a survivor and my great aunt (my aunt's aunt if that makes any sense) did pass away from it years and years ago.

I have been touched by other forms of cancer however...both of my parents had cancer, one lung and one throat. It's a devastating disease.

Carolyn said...

Count me in Cathey.....I would be "tickled pink" to participate:)

Lauralness said...

I'll help! I lost my *Amazing* MIL who I loved dearly to Lymphoma.

I'm at daileyl at ipfw dot edu

Rachel S said...

I would love to participate.

my email is rspory1976 @ yahoo dot com.

Alberta said...

Cathey...this is an amazing way to honour the poem!

Irene said...

Please include me. Thanks

mumzy said...

Cathey, Sweetie, I don't cross stitch as you know, but if I can help, I will. What a lovely way for you to celebrate your survival.


Lili said...

Well, I could add my aunt's name and my granma's too, both in pink.
And mine in green, for the moment...
You can count me in, unless you're afraid to post to France. Then, I could give you the three names and let you do the job... Lol!
This is a great idea, fav Pumpkin! I will leave a message on my blog to forward bloggers I know who are also concerned.

Barbara said...

Is it possible to stitch more than one name? Not only my best friend, but three of my aunts have battled this horrible disease. I would love to be part of your amazing circle of strength.

Olenka's Stitches said...

Hi Cathey!
I wanted to let you know that on my blog I placed a link to your very special RR. I wish I could help you more.
Take care,

Jennifer said...

I would love to add my grandmother's name to your RR. She passed away from breast cancer 25 years ago, but I still feel her impact in my life every single day.

Anonymous said...

I would love to take part if possible(hugs)
You know my email ;0)

Gaynor said...

What a fantastic idea!!! Andit gives me great hope that you are so positive. I have to go for a mammogram because of something the Dr has found (I am 38 so routine checks are still 12 years off) and whilst I dont feel up to your rr, it really is a nice optimistic way to help people deal with this. Keep it up,
Thank you

Aussie Stitcher said...

Would love to take part Cathey. My Dad told me that his mother died of breast cancer when he was 15. I imagine that treatment back then, about 50 years ago, would have been almost none existant. My e-mail is wright05 @ bigpond .net .au, without the spaces of course.

Raven/Missy said...

I would like to do this in honor of my biological mother.

Anonymous said...

I would love to be part of this RR, Cathey! What a great idea! I lost my dad to non-Hodgkins lymphoma & my mom & grandmother are/were both survivors of uterine cancer.