Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What Is THAT?

Oh where, oh where,
did you come from,
little grey hair

Top of my head
should be your home,
not there, instead

Little grey hair
inside my nose,
I see you there.

So there I was, looking in the mirror and I see this long grey hair sticking out from inside my nose! I must have missed that topic in Health Class because no one told me that nose hairs could turn grey.

At first I'm curious about my new visitor and wonder how it got that long before I even noticed it. Who looks inside their nose every day? Then I become a little grossed out and want to eliminate it from its new home.

Does everyone know what happens when you pull out nose hairs???? ACHOO! After sneezing a dozen times, I come to find out that I pulled the wrong hair! If hairs had personality, I know it was laughing at me ;o) A few more attempts and sneeze attacks later and I've extracted the little bugger!

I turn it over between the tweezers and I can't believe how long and thick it is. My goodness! It's the thickness of a horse hair! I thought you found hairs like that on your head, not in your nose. Luckily, after a quick inspection, I breathe a sigh of relief as my head is grey hair free :o)

Could it be that all this stress is turning my nose hairs grey? If my head hairs are spared, then ACHOO I say! ;o)


Rachael said...

oh I know I shouldn't laugh but your little ode to your nose hair is just great!!

Carolyn said...


You are just too funny.....You tell the best stories ever:)

Jocelyn said...

A grey nosehair?? Oh, it's all downhill from here, my friend!! :) :) ;)

...Says the woman who started to go grey at 17 and is now I would guess 30% grey in her very early 30's.

I gave up coloring it a long time ago. I am of the thinking now that dark brown flecked with grey is damn sexy!!

Laural said...

Haha! I read the little poem and was thinking the content would be a little different. However, if it makes you feel better... I am 25 and am starting to get these single white hairs.

~Tammy said...

OMG that is too funny! Did your eyes water too?

I would take a nose full of grey hair if it would make the ones on my head go away. I've become insane about searching my head for grey hairs. GRRRRR

Faith Ann said...


Oh my gosh... now I need to go look in the mirror... I've never noticed any grey nose hairs. As a matter of fact, I didn't realize that was possible!

Shannon said...

LOL Ah you're too much :)

I think I would have just cut it with scissors... just thinking about pulling a nose hair makes me want to sneeze and my eyes water !

Lori-Ann said...

My first grey hair?... 13 !!!
upon turning 26 I started to see more...38 and I'm not coloring and it's soming in pretty evenly.

I refuse to let hollywood tell me what to do. I know very young women with grey, and their skin makes them look young. I see it as bling for my brain ;) Hey, I earned those! :)

Paisley said...

Too funny! You'll have to let us know if two more grow back in it's place!

'Berta said...

Do you know what is next? Chin hairs! And they also seem to grow at lightening speed!

Anonymous said...

LOL That was too funny :o)))

Marita said...

:grin: too funny.

I'm not looking to closely in the mirror anymore just incase I spot the grey hairs starting in.

Irene said...

LOL !! I knew about grey nose hairs, have had them for awhile now,but didn't think they were funny till reading your adventure.

stitcherw said...

Thanks for the smile of the day, you have the most interesting entries.

Laura (nutmeg5) said...

Well, I got my laugh for the day. I think I'll stay well away from the mirror and the tweezers for a while :-)

Ranae said...

LOL!!!! This reminds me of a funny story now, but not then. DH and I were on our way to a wedding and my hubby looks over and says you better push that nose hair back up there. well it was stubborn and I just happen to have tweezers in the car. It hurt so bad and I never tryed it again, just left it. I was crying so bad just before we got to the wedding. I was so red eyed and teary. My hubby stills laughs at it today.

Shannon said...

LOL - had to come back and read it again for another laugh :) You should write a book :P

Rachel S said...

Achoo is much better than pretending they are highlights!