Thursday, September 20, 2007

They're Here! THEY'RE HERE!

After such a rotten night and morning, I was SO thankful that the rest of today turned out to be awesome :o) Not only did my JCS Ornament Issue arrive BUT I also got the latest issue of Beyond magazine and my name is in there!!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!

From talking with other stitchers here in town and some across Canada, it looks like the ornament issue has not reached our stores yet :o( That's unbelievable since it's been out in the US for at least a week now. Katie, Shannon and Faith Ann take is the proof that I have it in my hot little hands -

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There are a good number of ornaments that I want to stitch this year so I guess Christmas stitching will officially begin here ;o)

The third issue of Beyond just hit the stands and luckily I spotted it when I went to pick up my prescription today -

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In case you haven't read my whole Blog, Beyond is a fairly new magazine that is solely dedicated to breast cancer. It's only published twice a year. I can't say enough about this wonderful new source of information all in one. It's just full of useful and informative articles and you'll want to read it from front to back. The proof? My mother, MIL and DH have all read them so far :o)

This issue is special though because one of the writers, Michele Meyer, interviewed me over the phone for her piece on Dancing With The Fear. The article looks at the fear of recurrence and states "Don't let the fear of recurrence steal you away from life. Be inspired by how other women have learned to say no to this persistent suitor." I can't post the whole article but this exert is mine :o) "Needlework takes Cathey's mind off of her cancer - especially when she's in a rocking chair at her in-laws' home on the ocean. The Canadian from New Brunswick learned she had stage-II milk-duct cancer in 2000, at age 28, when she went for breast-reduction surgery. A radical mastectomy and five years of the anticancer drug Tamoxifen followed. "Seeing and hearing the waves is like meditation for me," she says."

Not bad for my debut! Now don't go bombarding me with requests for an autograph ;o) LOL!

I want to thank everyone who left such wonderful comments on my Blog :o) You guys are the best! I have some good news for you. My mammogram came back fine! Yay! The girls are back to feeling free. Now if I could just finish up with this awful diet...

Do you want to see what 332 skeins of DMC look like?

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A wonderful relative of mine from the States was able to pick me up a load during the ten cent clear out sale at Wal-Mart. Luckily there was still a good range of colors so my back up supply will be good for a while. At least I think so ;o)


~Kim~ said...

WOOHOO!! Your Swimsuit edition arrived!! Congrats!!

Love the article and your "part"!! Awesome job! Please remember to post it to Stitch Pink! Thank you!!

Gosh, I had no desire to go shopping for the cheap floss, no clue why, too busy I guess LOL


Karen said...

Cathey thats great your mammogram came back fine.
WOW loads of colours I wish we had those sort of sales.
I want my copy of the Orni issue, do you charge for magazine signings;o)

Jenn said...

YEAH!!! Your Famous! :) I'll have to see if I can find the magazine to read the whole artical.

Wow nice pile of floss. I missed out on the sale (I was this week) but, I did happen to stop in and the floss had been picked clean. Maybe next time.

I got my JCS issues the other day but, I've not really had a chance to go through it yet. Maybe this weekend.

Mary Ann said...

Oh, you are a celebrity!! I thought your part of the article was really nice. And, I am happy to hear that your mammogram results were good!

And, I will look forward to seeing lots of ornament finishes! :)

Chiloe said...

It's great your exam came back fine. It's hard to not think about it. We discovered my son had leukomia in november 2003 and can't stop being afraid of the future.

I love to see all this threads :-))

Lili said...

Fabulous day indeed! I'm so happy for you, Cathey. This is great!
Lots of hugs!

Anonymous said...

Hey congrats on the "girls" being fine. Phew! And now being an author, well, sort of....and...more DMC!
I would say a great day!


Lori-Ann said...

You are free! So great to hear. Hope I run across the magazine before they are all gone. Looking forward to your visit.
Have you rolled around in that mound of floss like a rich banker yet? bahahaha... 'cause I think I would be tempted to ;)

Irene said...

Lucky you ! It takes so long for the JCS to reach our stores. Great news for the "girls"!

Faith Ann said...

Soooo glad to hear that your results were fine.

Lucky you... I still don't have an ornament issue yet! Hopefully next week :)

That's a great selection of floss colours your relative was able to snatch up for you... fantastic!!

stitcherw said...

I am so jealous that you have the ornament issue. I was late ordering mine so don't have it yet. Hopefully in the next week or so, I can't wait to see all the fun new designs. I've seen the LHN's one with bunnies done up already, and it is so cute, I know I need to do that one.

I've never heard of Beyond, it does sound like a wonderful magazine. Is it carried in bookstores or is it subscription only?

Loved looking at all the floss, what fun stash. It does look like you'll be set for a while. :)

Shannon L. said...

I'm green with envy :P The magazine and those pretty flossies ? Wowsers !

Now, can I have your autograph please ! ? :)

And you know I"m breathing a sigh of relief too! I'm glad the girls are feeling fine :)

Toni said...

I just picked up a copy of "Beyond" a few days ago. I read the article with your interview and thought to myself, "I wonder if that's the same Cathey whose blog I read now and then?" So I came searching and sure enough! I think I found your blog through Stitch Pink.

The other connection is that I was on the Sue Hillis Stitch Ahoy cruise but couldn't go to Monckton since I had shore excursions already booked.

Small world, isn't it??