Friday, September 14, 2007

Finish Thirty-Five

I had so much fun with this finish :o) I stitched up Pumpkins by LHN -

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And I made it into a cube -

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What was so neat about this project is that I already had everything to complete it and I didn't even know it! See what happens when you dive into your stash ;o) LOL! I just love the fabric I had for the back.

This time I found a good website with instructions on how to make different bows but my bow making abilities still need some work. I'm such a perfectionist and arranging the bow is such fiddly work that I get easily frustrated. Boy, it's amazing how much ribbon it takes to make one bow. Yikes!

I want to thank everyone for their good thoughts about my mammogram :o) Just to let you know, I won't have the results until next week. I meet with my surgeon on Tuesday so I'm hoping she will already have the results or she can easily get them. Because I go to our main hospital for my mammograms, the turn around time is a lot quicker. Usually that's how it works anyway. The less waiting the better :o)

So how many Canadians out there are holding their breaths, waiting for the Just Cross Stitch Ornament issue to arrive? We aren't as lucky as those in the States but this "should" be the week that it comes out here. I hummed and hawed and finally gave in and got Drema to send me one :o) I'll see if I made the right decision. My only problem is, once I get it, I will get into the Christmassy mood and all fall projects will be put aside. I really don't want to rush autumn out the door because it's my favorite time of year. Plus, I still have a few fall patterns I want to complete :o)

Are you a seasonal stitcher? Does your stitching usually have a theme to it? Do you only stitch patterns that you absolutely love or do you get adventurous and like to try something new? How do you pick the projects you do? I'm curious so let me know :o)


Lori-Ann said...

I try and stitch the pattern I fall in love with...however, I'm easily tempted to do seasonal stuff and end up with many WIP's.

But now there's designing to add to the plate, and it all gets muddled. I'm just confused now! lol.

Behavior pattern? I don't think I have one now! (also waiting for that dern magazine, no wait...2)

Anonymous said...

I love your Pumpkin cube. It looks great and that bow is very pretty.

I have a pretty easy answer to your question. If I can't get a chart or kit out of my mind for more than a few days then I'll buy it. If I still can't get it out of my mind once it's arrived, I'll stitch it. lol. When I'm looking for something to start out of my stash I just see what jumps out at me although I usually 'know' what I want to start next about 3 months before I finish the project I'm doing :o) I do stitch seasonal designs but not in any particular season - if that makes sense.

Cindy said...

I love your finish! It must be that time of the year...I have this one in the works as well :)

Just wondering what you used as the base of the cube? I'm guessing it is the green floral styrofoam...I usually use several sheets of foam core, but I don't really like that way.

The seasonal stitching question is a good one! I'll try answering that one on my blog :)

Christine said...

The more I see those small LHN designs stitched up, the more I like them! Yours turned out very cute.

Karen said...

I love your cube
I am not a seasonal stitcher the only season I normally stitch for is Christmas time/winter as I love this time of year . If I do other seasons then it's probably because I am in an exchange or RR.
I like to try new designs the Ink Circles was my first time stitching this size/type lol and it didnt scare me off . At the moment I lie LHN designs and I am doing a on going Sal with them until we get bored

Shannon L. said...

Fabulous finish - and the bow looks great ! :)

Am I a seasonal stitcher ? In the fall, absolutely. Starts with the urge to stitch orange (autumn/halloween) and it's quickly replaced with a Christmas stitching obsession :)

So... ready to start a Christmas SAL yet ? LOL

Faith Ann said...

What an adorable pumpkin design! I think the bow looks great!

I haven't succumbed to ordering my copy of the ornament issue yet. I'll probably end up ordering it though... so I don't have to drive all over town looking for a copy.

Choko said...

What a so cute your Pumpkin cube!!!
Ribon is very wonderful!!I can understand how to make it.Thank you!!

~Kim~ said...

Love the finish! Great job on the cube it!! Love it!

Seasonal stitcher, and the occasional non-seasonal stitcher.. LOL


stitcherw said...

Your pumpkin cube turned out adorable, love the way you finished it off into the cube.