Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Where's The Party?

Yes, that's what I asked when I got up this morning :o( After sleeping 18.5 hours the previous night (I hate to say it but it's true), I woke up feeling like I was partying all night but didn't remember the actual "fun" portion of the party. Do you remember in my post Mr. Sandman Bring Me... I stated that something was going to give soon and it wasn't going to be pretty? Well I officially hit the wall. At least I got to enjoy a bit of Christmas before doing so.

As you may have noticed, I have not been around to update my Blog. Do I have the flu? I wish! Is it my Fibromyalgia? I could tolerate that. No, the reason I have not been around is that I have been hit with a severe attack of vertigo :o( For anyone who hasn't had a vertigo attack, this is what it feels like. Imagine yourself drunk but not having the benefit of actually drinking any alcohol. The world feels like it's spinning around you. I can't eat, watch television, read a book, stitch, work on the computer, let alone drive. I have a tremendous pressure in my head with a constant (and loud!) ringing in my ears. One minute I'm famished and the next I can't even think about food. One minute I'm so hot I have sweat dripping and the next I'm so cold that I can't feel my fingers and toes. I sleep a lot and I sleep hard. Sometimes I wake up and I think I'm coherent but I can't feel certain parts of my body (maybe they are still asleep!). The dreams are awful and plentiful. I wake up wondering if some of them actually happened or not. Sounds like fun, huh? ;o)

It all started about a year and a half ago when I got my first attack. At the time I thought it was the flu but then it happened for three or four months in a row. Somehow and for some reason it went away and then about nine months later it was back and worse than before. I was popping Gravol like they were candy but it didn't do much good. Finally, after one of the more severe attacks that lasted seven days, I had had enough. The hospital wouldn't take me and the after hours clinic was useless. I saw my family doctor and asked if I could try Serc. I had read about it on the internet and heard through people that it helped with vertigo.

Serc definitely has helped. It has taken an agonizing weeklong torture down to about a day and even sometimes that day is so mild that I have a hard time knowing that it is an attack. What happened this time? I have no idea. I don't know if my body just couldn't handle any more or if the generic Serc I am taking is just not as effective. I'm thinking it's the former. I talked to my pharmacist and he states there should not be any difference between the Serc and its generic drug. I have a feeling that the circus I have been attending with work and LTD, along with the holiday season, just wore me out and made my body vulnerable.

In a few weeks I have an ENG (electronystagmography) test at the hospital. Supposedly it will determine if my problem is in the inner ear or with the central nervous system. Neither sounds appealing to me but if they can find a cause, I will be happy just to know.

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