Sunday, December 10, 2006

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree


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Voila! There you have it! No fuss, no mess and no swearing! Well, the air was blue in the kitchen for awhile but that's to do with another matter ;o)

By the time I woke up this morning, the tree was already in the stand and waiting in the kitchen. I was quite surprised that a) it was standing and b) DH was able to get it standing straight without my help. In the past, this has always been a two-person job and even with the two of us we always managed to get into some kind of trouble. Oh the tales I could tell but I have given my solemn oath to DH that I will not publicly share them ;o) I have to admit that having a smaller tree does help and the tree stand that DH bought is working just fine. In a way it almost seemed TOO easy!

While DH was busy baking in the kitchen, I was in charge of decorating the tree once it was brought in to the living room. I decided that if we were to have a tree this year, it was going to be simply decorated. I didn't really relish the idea of bringing up all those boxes from the basement, or should I say crawl space. So for the second year in a row, our tree consists of only ornaments that DH and I have given each other every year, over the past fourteen years. This is the ornament that I got for DH this year -

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You might be wondering what DH was baking today :o) Well, he managed to get a loaf of banana bread and lemon bread done. I hate to say it but his lemon bread definitely surpasses mine but at least I still hold the title for best banana bread ;o) He also made a pan of my favorite squares. They are called Choco Squares and the recipe was featured in the Winter 2001 issue of Saltscapes magazine. It's been awhile since I've had them but I sure do remember how they taste! DH also baked the batch of Chocolate Dipped Cinnamon Thins that were waiting in the refrigerator, only minus the chocolate. Poor DH was having issues with melting chocolate this weekend and I have no idea why it gave him such a hard time. Hence the blue air in the kitchen :o)

This evening, DH and I made ourselves a little picnic and put our feet up while admiring our Christmas tree :o) There is nothing that I love more than to just sit back and take in its beauty. The best nights are the ones where I turn out all the lights, except those on the tree. I grab my nice heavy quilt that was made by my mother, because it's snowing outside, and I curl up on the couch. I lie there and just take in the smell of the tree and watch how the lights dance on the ceiling. Ah! Pure, simple bliss...


Faith Ann said...

Your tree looks soooo perfect!! The stand is certainly keeping it nice and straight with no difficulties :)

I *love* sitting by the tree with only the tree lights on. That's one reason I get such a small amount of stitching done in December LOL.

Your nephew is a little cutie!

Karen said...

Sounds like heaven Cathey sitting under a quilt smelling the tree and just relaxing.
DH has been busy I hope you enjoyed sampling all his cooking . The orni you bought him this year is lovely

Katie said...

Oh I can't wait to get home and check out the pics!! :)

Shannon L. said...

The tree looks beautiful :) And the decoration this year is great, he must love it. Nothing is better than sitting by the glow of the tree. I'm glad yours was successfully put up and decorated without incident ;)

Mary Ann said...

Cathey, your Christmas tree is beautiful! And the description of all that your DH baked sounds yummy!!

Anonymous said...

The tree's very nice, Cathey! Care to share the recipe for the chocolate-dipped cinnamon things? They sound yummy! Please give DH a hug for me - sounds like a real keeper! :o)

WendyCarole said...

The tree looks great Cathy and I love your new ornament