Thursday, August 28, 2008

Baked Brie

Anyone need their batteries charged or their car boosted???? If so, I've got just the thing -


ROFL!!!! This was our little girl this afternoon during her second acupuncture session :o) Yes, you heard me right...acupuncture. Electrified acupuncture. This was so over the top that I just had to take a picture. Dr. B called her Frankenbrie. LOL!

I did some research on the internet about treatment for Doxies that have had back surgery and acupuncture was one thing that was mentioned. It not only stimulates the nerve endings but it was also suggested that it would help with incontinence problems. Of course at our last visit, we found out that Brie had a urinary tract infection :oS So now that that is being treated with medication as well as with acupuncture, we are seeing improvement!

Dr. B is still very happy with Brie's walking. She still goes a bit wonky when she first gets up from a nap and she loses a bit of control of her back end if she gets too excited but that will all improve with time. We've been working on strengthening her hind end and that is going well. She even gained 0.2 Kg since last week and her hair is almost all grown back in :o)

While I'm on the subject of the critter kids, I took the time today to groom another member of the family...Pickles. He's my bunny wabbit :o) Pickles is changing his apparel at the moment, i.e. shedding. For some reason, he looks like someone drug him through a knot hole backwards. I felt so sorry for him that I took him outside to brush him. The next thing I know, I'm in the middle of what looks like a dandelion fluff storm! I took as much fur off of him as DH takes off of Duncan!

When Annie commented on my last post, she hinted to the fact that contractors are very unpredictable. Well, she's right. They came back long enough to finish the brickwork on the foundation of The Needlework Shop but now they've disappeared! Good thing I didn't pay them yet ;o) I know they'll be back at some point though.

I'm SOOOOOO excited! My fabric arrived today for Tot!!!! WOOHOO! It is absolutely amazing and just what I envisioned for her :o) I couldn't soon as the fabric was ironed, I started stitching her. Maybe that's why my contractors are taking a break. No picture yet though. I'm building up your anticipation ;o)

Okay, I was a bit behind on my Blog reading and came across another award that I was nominated for. This one came from Rachel -


Seriously, you've got to stop this because my head just won't fit through the doors in the house anymore and DH is getting tired of having me inside ;o) Here are the nominees, again, in no particular order and not to hurt anyone's feelings -

Loreta - a new Blog for me, her stitching is just beautiful and I love the fact that she's from Lithuania.

Jenn - she seems to always come up with great ideas.

Tammy - a stitcher with great inner strength even though she doesn't realize it.

Iris - she's a Halloween freak that does amazing finishing.

Olga - another new Blog for me and I'm inspired by her designing.

Chiloe - she makes me laugh with her antics and I love seeing her pieces come to life.

Judy - a fellow book lover and stitcher with a huge heart.

Again, there are some rules:

1) Put the logo on your Blog.
2) Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3) Nominate at least seven other Blogs.
4) Add links to those Blogs.
5) Leave a message for your nominees on their Blogs.

There's a long weekend coming up! I hope everyone will enjoy it :o)


Iris said...

Hi Pumpkin,
thankls for the award !! I treasure it !!

Anonymous said...

How dinky she is, I hadn't realised how small she is, and what a cutie!!

CathE said...

Congratulations on your award. I'm glad Brie is improving. She's lovely.

Look forward to seeing pics of Tot.

Tammy said...

Well, look at little Brie sitting all pretty as a picture. She's your very own little pin cushion. I just want to kiss her face to bits.

Can't wait to see the progress on your ToT. The nerve of those contractors to leave you high and dry!

Velda said...

oh my gosh you crack me up with laughter, just what I needed this morning!

Lori said...

Great picture of "Frankenbrie".
Another award, eh?!! LOL. well, you do have a fun blog. :o)

Seems your wabbit needs to change his coat color for winter maybe?

Hope the mosquitos don't drag you all away. They are horrid here.

Karen said...

awwww Brie looks so cute having her treatment, I am glad it's helping her

Anonymous said...

Aww just look at Brie :o) She's such a beautiful furbaby.

Crazee4books said...

Hi Cathey,

Oh my! I'm blushing. Thank you
for the wonderful nomination.
I don't think I've visited many
of the other nominees before so
I'll be blog traveling in the
next little while.

Frankenbrie looks perfectly
adorable all hooked up for her
acupuncture. Is she a full size
doxie or is she a miniature??
She looks quite tiny in the
picture, although that could
just be perspective.

I see you've started the
Needlework shop. Isn't it
the prettiest design?? I
want to stitch it and the tea
shop too.

Things are hectic around here
with family issues. I'll e mail
you later with updates. I'm
celebrating the approach of
Fall too by the way. Cheers!

Faith Ann said...

Brie doesn't appear to mind the acupuncture in the least... that's great! I hope it helps her a lot and you're able to notice a difference.

Anonymous said...

Look at precious little Brie! That is such a wonderful photo...her expression is just perfect. Glad she continues to improve.


Olga said...

Happy to hear that your little dog is getting better. Congratulation on your award and thank you very much for nominating my blog, feel very honored.

Sharon said...

Oh what a sweetie, Brie is. She is beautiful, so glad to hear she is doing so well.

Jocelyn said...

She's a cutie! It's so funny, what they think of in the world of medicine. I am so glad it works, though. I am very happy to hear she's doing much better!

Sonda said...

That Brie is such a cutie that I just want to pick her up and hold her and cuddle her and give her little pets. But she's a dog, not a cat...sigh...she's got such a patient little expression in that picture. Glad she'd doing great.

Lelia said...

congrats on your award! Oh, the pic of the treatment is so odd looking
Glad it is helpful

Ranae said...

She is ready to beat that energizer bunny. She'll keep on going and going and going and going. I have my ToT fairy to start too. I just recieved the recommended fabby for it. I think its kinda of drab though. I like the construction of the Needlework Shop. Thanks so much for being interested in my contest. There might be another, if I can fit in another WIP, lol.

Sharon said...

Brie, looks utterly adorable sitting there! Glad to here that she is doing so wonderfully well.