Monday, May 09, 2011

Just Because :o)

I seem to be MIA lately and I apologize. Things have been busy around the Pumpkin Patch! DH and I are trying to take advantage of ANY moment where it's not down pouring with rain. Sigh! Rain, rain, go away!!!! LOL!

I'm going to be away even longer because I'm expecting some visitors at any moment :o) Mom and Dad are coming today and will be here until Thursday. It looks like the weather is not going to cooperate so hopefully we can find some things to do.

That means that during this time I'll be away from the computer and therefore not answering many emails or reading Blogs. I'll have to catch up after they're gone. But never fear, I will be back to reading! I hate missing any of the action ;o) LOL!

For those of you wondering, Colleen (no Blog) was the recipient of my Springtime pillow that I did :o) I wanted to thank her for all the charts and floss that she sent me and it turned out that was the perfect gift. I'm still waiting for bunny to arrive at his/her destination. I sure he/she didn't get lost :o(

Since it's so blah out, I feel like doing a small giveaway! I have an extra copy of the January/February 2011 issue of Just Cross Stitch -


I didn't want to send this out to anyone just in case they already had a copy of it. So...if you would like the chance to win this, all you have to do is be a Pumpkin Stalker AND leave a message on this post only, along with a way for me to reach you if you are the winner :o) It's that simple! When Mom and Dad are gone on Thursday, I'll pick a name and announce the winner. Good luck everyone and have a great week!


Gillie said...

Ooh, yes please, I miss it over here. I became a follower too!

Catherine said...

Just wanted to say that I hope you have a wonderful visit with your parents! No need to throw my name in the hat for the JCS issue - I have this one already!

Irene said...

Have a great visit with your Mom and Dad. I have this issue and BTW I received the photo, keep forgetting to send you an e-mail.

Cath said...

I'd love to be entered please . I am new to the joys of JCS , after being given the ornie issue last year .
Hope you have a fab time with your parents .x

Crystal said...

Have a wonderful visit with your parents.

Deborah said...

Have a great time with your folks! Don't put my name in the hat for the mag-I already have it.

Denise said...

I too have this one - just wanted to say - hope the weather turns out better than expected. Have a great visit!

Anonymous said...

Isn't this rain crazy, like it is never going to stop

Parsley said...

Enjoy your visit.

I don't have any issues of the magazine but it may be for more experienced stitchers. If you think I'll benefit from it, please throw my name in. If not, no problem. I'm just glad I'm a pumpkin stalker ;-)

Nancy said...

Hope your visit with your mom and dad is fun!

I have that issue so don't enter me in the giveaway.

Lisa V said...

Pls enter me in the draw for the mag. My email is in my profile.
I hope you enjoy your time with your Mum and Dad.

And This Little Pig said...

Hey Cathey, just saying g'day! Hope you have a lovely visit with your Mum oops sorry Mom & Dad. I actually managed to get my hands on this issue of JCS. Can be hit and miss with the newsagents here in Oz. So you can leave me out of this one :D Oh Podge says g'day too!!
LiBBiE in Oz

Patty C. said...

Enjoy your company - I already have the magazine - so don't include me in the draw - It will be a lovely gift for one of your readers -


Tatkis said...

Have a good time with your Mom and Dad!
I'd love to win this magazine ;) so please count me in!


Jenn said...

Count me in! Hope you have a nice time with your parents. We are having nice weather so it should be moving your way:)

Lisa said...

Hope you have a great time while your parents are visiting.
I'd love to be entered for a chance to win the magazine if that's ok. I can't get hold of it here in the UK so usually am only able to get the ornament issue on special order each christmas.

Julie said...

Enjoy your visit from Mom and Dad, family time is so special. I hope the weather behaves itself for you.

Jane said...

I think your rain is heading our way here in the UK - the forecast is yuk! for the next few days, perhaps our glorious sunshine is swapping with it?
Have fun with your parents, it's always nice to have a catch-up.
I'd love a chance of winning your Just Cross Stitch magazine - they're like golddust here in the UK and I see the words Plum Street Samplers on the front so that makes it even more tempting!
Enjoy the break xxx

♥ Nia said...

Please, count me in for that! :D
The week runs so fast!! Tomorrow it's Thursday already! Hope to see you back in action soon ;)
Huge hug to you!!

Lori-Ann said...

Thanks for the chance... I don't have chance to get these much anymore. Thanks for your words of encouragement in my blog. I'm sure your visitors will bring sunshine into your home when it seems to be lacking in the old maritimes lately. (I bet the mosquitos will be a pestilance when it does warm up) erg!