Thursday, September 02, 2010

A Thursday Thought

For Pete's Sake, WHEN is this awful weather going to go away???? Yesterday we got up to 40 C (104 F) and was THE most unbearable day I have ever struggled through. Thankfully I went to the 'little city' and browsed through the air conditioned stores, stretching it as long as I could. Today was supposed to be just as bad but I think it 'only' hit 37 C (98.6 F). Hey Denise, I used our temperature conversion site ;o) LOL!

As some of you already know, we have Hurricane Earl coming up the Atlantic coast and coming our way :o(


Our area is now under a Hurricane Watch and we're waiting to see what happens. They are predicting that Earl will be down to a Category 1 when it reaches The Maritimes but we'll still be in for high winds and lots of rain. There is a possibility of power outages and flooding. Apparently the warmer weather we are having now has pushed warmer water up our way and this makes perfect conditions for Earl. Luckily there is a cold front coming from Ontario and that is supposed to help shove Earl over and hopefully out to sea.

So my thought for today is the safety of those along the east coast of the US and Canada. It seems like each day the television is on; we witness disasters from around the world. I just hope that this won't be another for the records. If you're told to evacuate, please listen. I know people worry about their homes but what's a home without the people inside it? YOU and YOUR FAMILY are more important than materialistic things. Those 'things' can be replaced...YOU can't.

Because there may be power outages, there may be periods of time that people will be out of touch with each other. Don't panic! Don't assume the worst. Being the Bloggers that we are, I'm sure people will post updates as soon as they can; even if in a roundabout way ;o)

To all my Blogging Buddies that will be affected by Hurricane Earl, hunker down and stay safe! I will be thinking of you all. As this heat and humidity continues, I'll be melting away on the couch ;o)


Gert said...

Thanks for these thoughts, I will keep everyone in my prayers to stay safe.

xoxo Gert

Es said...

You take care while Earl is visiting... regardless of how mild it might be in comparison to some areas he visits. Be sure to check in when you can; I know you don't really know me at all, but I still worry.. and I'm sure others do too.


Leslie said...

Earl.. ughhh! I don't think it is supposed to be to bad along the Chesapeake, Thankfully. My prayers are with everyone on the shores and danger zones.

Christine said...

Stay safe if Earl comes your way but I hope that he takes a trip further east for you!

mumzy said...

Well, Sweetie, we hope that Earl turns our to sea but he seems to be coming closer to us than first thought. Hope your DH will be ok as well as you. Hopefully, we will be able to keep in touch by telephone if nothing else. Take care and keep safe and dry.

{{{LOve and Hugs}}}

Deborah said...

Stay safe. We are also on a Hurricane Warning with up to 60 mile per hour winds. My thoughts are with everyone on th east coast.

Rachel S said...

Keep safe. We're a bit inland from the coast, so it's just cloudy today.

Denise said...

Jennifer said she slept through Earl. Hopefully, he won't be any worse for you.

Stay safe! Denise

Rachael said...

I hope everyone on the East coast stays safe!!