Thursday, December 06, 2007

What Do You Think About When...'re in the shower? Odd question, I know, but I got your attention didn't I ;o)

Lately, thanks to Faith Ann, I've been thinking about pumpkin pie. LOL! Why, you may ask? Well, on Friday night she gave me some Pumpkin Pie Paradise Three In One body soap from Bath & Body Works -

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Absolutely heavenly! It smells SO delicious! Anyway, I was having my shower last night and I'm using my new soap when I yell out this thought that just occurred to me "I smell like a pumpkin pie!" The reply from DH, "I know, I can smell you all the way out here!" I guess he should be thankful that it was a good smell then ;o)

But seriously, do you think in the shower or is it just a routine for you? Some of my best ideas have come while I take my shower. It's my time alone, with no distractions, and I'm in no rush to be anywhere. I can let my mind go crazy! Sometimes it's a photograph I want to take, or a story that I want to write. Other times, I find myself remembering something that I had been trying to come up with just days before :oP

For someone who hates water, I do enjoy my showers :o) Someday I would LOVE to have a walk-in shower all made of stone tiles. Sigh! I drool over custom bathrooms in magazines. If it's large enough to stretch out in, then it's a shower! Radiant heat in the bathroom floor is a must as well as double sinks ;o)

There is nothing worse than a shower that is TOO small. When we go to retreat, I dread the tiny showers. You end up plastered on the opposite wall from the shower head, trying to wash your hair and God help you if you drop your shampoo! ;o) LOL!


Anonymous said...

My shower is over the bath so I end up with the cold wet shower curtain stuck to my butt if I drop anything lol. (No, don't even try and think about that!)

I love my showers too and like you I spend the time thinking ... or sometimes singing (poor neighbours).

Oh, and I hate water too. That's the main reason I never learned to swim, although I have taken Riley into the baby pool at the local baths.

Julie said...

I've never smelt pumpkin pie so i'll have to imagine what you smell like LOL My best ideas wake me up in the middle of the night!!!!

Sweet Pea said...

I love a good shower, and a nice tub too. And you're right - some of the best ideas come to you when you're in the shower. I often wish I had a waterproof pen and paper that I could jot them down with! (And I've had some of my friends say the same thing as well). My shower is also my cure all for almost everything that ails me from a headache to an upset stomach. Somehow, I always feel better after taking a shower, even if it is a quick one.

I know what you mean about miniature showers. Or worse, showers with either too much pressure or not enough. I don't want to feel like there are needles of water ripping off my skin, but I'd like to get my hair good and rinsed, thanks!

I've been trying to stay out of B&BW until I use up my current stash, but I am seriously jonesing for their Vanilla Bean Noel. I just love how that stuff smells.

Karen said...

I hate the shower curtain if the bath is too narrow and a window is open blowing a draft you spend half the time peeling the flipping curtain off yourself. We had a walking shower at the property we had before this I miss it so much . I have never really thought about what I think about in the shower I will try and remember to take notice later.

Alberta ('Berta) said... treating myself to fine soaps, lotions, body washes and did I say lotions? I new to Bath and Body Works but am willing to learn!

I love to think when I'm in the tub or shower...just the other day I was listening to some tunes and wondering what would happen if Celine Dion pierced her tongue????? Could she sing as great? Where do these crazy ideas come from?

Enjoy your brain storming and that wonderful body wash!

Paisley said...

Pure bliss guaranteed! MMMMM!! Gotta love it!

I have all of my best ideas in the shower. Trouble is I can never remember them later. I need waterproof sticky notes!

Cindy said...

I do think in the shower...and wind up there for way too long because I am spacing out ;)

I had some pumpkin bodywash from B&BW this fall (not the same that you have), and it was wonderful!

Faith Ann said...

I love those showers!!

My aunt replaced her bathtub with a huge walk-in shower last year... it's similar to #10 in your link and I want to try it so badly!! I think she might find it odd if I drove 20 minutes to her place to have a shower lol.

Lori-Ann said...

Scarey how much we think alike at times.

I hate my bathroom, and if I could only have 1 room completely redone, it would be the bathroom. I could tolerate a small bedroom, but give be a larger than life bathroom, with a bay window, a chaise lounge, heated towels, DVD player and wide screen flat TV, soothing music, ceiling rain shower head, a seat in shower, Heck, put in a fridge because I would live in there!! A sauna and the tub would fit my "Noble Girth". I can't use my tub (Has a rusted run-off pipe). It makes the basement rain if I fill the tub :(

lol... now you know what I think about in the shower ;) lol (are you sorry you asked?)hahaha

Rachael said...

I'm not sure what I think about in the shower!! We got a corner bath and have the shower over that,you'd think there would be more room there seems to be less room so the cold shower curtain sticking to parts of the body as you wash is not a nice experience!! But I do drool over the big walk-in showers with the many jets that aim at different parts of the body!

Anonymous said...

Girl, I just LOVE the things you come up with here! :o)
I too would love a different bathroom! We have the smaller one in our house as my mom has the "master suite" complete with a huge bathroom ... *sigh* I'm SUCH a good daughter! *lol* I'd like a bathroom with 2 sinks, a rainshower showerhead in a shower that's large enough for a party ... and I'd like the whole thing to magically clean itself every day.
As to what I think about when in there ... Yes, I do some of my thinking in there - usually planning this or that. Waterproof sticky notes would be a great idea! :o)

stitcherw said...

I love your idea of the perfect shower, it sounds very similar to mine. Not only would I like heated tiles, but also one of those pipe towel warmer units so your towel is toasty warm when you get out. I've not tried the pumpkin pie scent, but have the Wicked Hot Chocolate one, yummy. The only problem is by the time I get out I'm hungry, lol.