Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Feast Fit For A...Dog?

I have no idea who came up with this brilliant idea but I wish they would have done it sooner ;o) About a month ago, I was looking through the grocery store flyer and came across this new item -


It's a Christmas dinner for dogs! I kid you not. LOL! It contains two servings of Extra Meaty Turkey And Dressing Dinner With Cranberries and Apple Crumble Dessert :o) The puppies are going to eat well this year!

Right now we're puppy sitting cousin Buddy -


My in-laws have officially left for New Jersey and Florida. Sigh! At this rate I'm going to die an old woman and be the only person out there that has never been to Disney World. On the positive side, DH and I get to have their house at the ocean for a whole ELEVEN days!!!! This, I am DEFINITELY looking forward to :o)

I've been busy putting things together and getting us packed up. We've finally decided that "no one gets left behind" so even Pickles will be going on the road trip :o) It's going to be quite the entourage with two cars, three dogs and a rabbit. I just hope the little guy travels okay. He is an old man you know.

Brie has already been geared up for Christmas. How this dog knows, I have NO idea! I've been telling her that Santa doesn't give presents to bad puppies. I just hope we don't have a repeat performance of last year's 4:30 am wakeup call on Christmas morning ;o)


Karen said...

LOL dogs are funny sometimes hope Brie doesn't get you up so early this year.
Sounds wonderful 11 days by the ocean, with all the family ;O)

Shannon L. said...

I'm glad to hear the whole family is going for Christmas :) Even Pickles ! And what a dinner for the pups LOL

I'm hoping for no repeats of last year's 4:30 a.m. wakeup call too! Excited dog + nervous cat + brainless MIL = pissy me ! LOL

Carolyn said...

How great to have the house by the ocean for Christmas..I am so jealous:)

Sounds like a fun trip with all the animals.I am sure Pickles will make out fine:)It's funny animals know when something special is coming up.My cats do the same thing.

I hope you and hubby have a Very Merry Christmas and you enjoy your time at the ocean

Lili said...

Which reminds me that I haven't bought the pets' gifts yet... No, we don't have that sort of item, but we should!!!
Your JBW Xmas tree is sooo beautiful and the mount is perfect!
Looking forward to seeing finish 50! Will you make a 51st? I wouldn't be surprised...

Faith Ann said...

Oh my gosh... what a cool idea for a pet's Christmas dinner!! That's great!!

I hope you have a great time at the ocean! (Don't blow away lol).

~Tammy said...

I'm going to have to look for that dog food for my bad girl, Daisy. She really should be on Santa's naughty list, not getting such special treats. Daisy is cute, but oh so bad! :)

Enjoy your holidays at the ocean. Sounds like fun.

Irene said...

I'm going to have to look for this pet's dinner, Tiger would love it and that way I don't have to share mine *LOL* Have a great time !!

Rachel S said...

how cool! Have fun at the ocean, or "downy ocean" as we say in Maryland.

Laural said...

The holiday pups meal is a neat idea. Um... I'm fairly certain that I will never get to see Disney world either. DH has seen it twice and I always get snippy that he got to go when he was 4 and he can't even remember it. Enjoy the trip and I hope the little guy does well.

Lori-Ann said...

Oh, BOY! Brie and Pickles and Christmas Dinner, yummy, lol (anyone else see the connection?) If you get a new pet you MUST name it Cadbury, LOL

By the ocean, a house to yourselves... second best thing to Disney World. I've been there in 1992... but I wanna go with my kids, now :(

Frank will eat my left over Christmas Diner after I've stuffed myself to near explosion.

Have fun... and yes, looking forward to seeing number FIFTY!!!! wahoo!!

Rachael said...

Isn't it amazing what they have for pets nowadays,I was in a card shop buying hubby a xmas card and I heard a lady ask if they sold xmas cards for pets,I turned around thinking she was joking when the assistant said they are over there!!!!! lol

Have a great christmas Cathey!!!!

Ranae said...

There are going to be alot of spoiled little pups out there,lol.
Have a great time at the ocean house. I just love the Christmas tree motif sampler.

Shari said...

oh my goodness Cathey! I was flipping thru this entry & came to the picture of the dog! It is the SAME COLORING as my poodle!!! WOW!!!