Sunday, November 18, 2007

No One Puts Baby In A Corner

It's been almost a week and I've gradually found my way back to my Blog again :o) While the stresses have not changed, I have. Over the past month, there seems to be another me that has slowly propped itself on my left shoulder along with Happy Cathey and Creative Cathey. It's a self that I'm not really familiar with and I'm not sure if it's ever been let out before.

The new addition is more organized and stronger. It's made me look at our situation in a different light. Yes we are in a bind right now but just think of the stories we'll be able to tell some day :o) DH and I have been on many adventures and they seem to always give way to great writing fodder.

The final push came today when I started reading a book that Katie lent to me. It's called One For The Money by Janet Evanovich. The main character in the novel is named Stephanie Plum and she has just lost her job and is in search of a new career. She's pretty much hawked all her possessions to pay her bills and she buys a $500 Nova that eventually drops its muffler. Case in point...things could be worse ;o)

After the initial shock of losing our only income, then DH not behind offered the job of his dreams and a few of my panic attacks later, I am in better control again. I can't go into details of what we have found out but I'll just say that DH was SO close in getting one of those positions. So close that it's no wonder we could just taste it.

Now we're back to pounding the pavement in search of something new. DH has applied to two more Federal Government jobs and with our last inside contact with the Provincial Government, DH's resume is now circulating :o)

I want to say a big THANK YOU to all of you who have left me comments or emails. They are all truly appreciated! I'm sorry I have not responded to any of them but I have read them all. It feels wonderful knowing that there are so many of you out there that are thinking of us :o) It will take me a bit but I will answer each one.

So what should I call the new little me? LOL! Any ideas? I think I'm going to love keeping it around ;o)


Faith Ann said...

Definitely keep the new you around... she's obviously been there all along :)

Soooo nice to hear from you again and I'm sending every good vibe that I can muster for your DH's search.

Sharon said...

Love your title!! LOL Good for you. I am so happy that you are back, I was missing you all week. Things will get better. Got my fingers crossed and sending lots of prayers your way. xoxox

Terri M said...

DH and I have pulled through rough, rough times, too. Now we just say, "At least it's not the Copper Lantern!"

It's good to hear you. I'm praying for the best.

I think Cathey Plum is a good name for the 'new' you. :o)

Katie said...

You're back, woo hoo!!! Sending all of my good vibes your way.

Anonymous said...

It's good to see that you're being so positive in difficult circumstances. I hope something comes along for DH soon.

~Tammy said...

Good to see you back. I've been reading your blog only a short time, but long enough to miss your updates.

Sending positive vibes for your DH's job search. The next great thing could be right around the corner and show you both that it was very much worth the heartache to achieve!

I've read 6 of the Stephanie Plum novels and find them to be great fun.

Take care!

Shannon L. said...

*big hugs* Great to see you back :)

Lori-Ann said...

"Pioneer Cathey", she accepts the tough reality and ploughs ahead!

Nice to have you back :)

Laural said...

Glad you are back!

Good thoughts for DH's job search!

Julie said...

Well done Cathey on rising above these difficulties and veiwing them in a different light. I hope DH finds something soon

Rachel S said...

i am so glad you are back. I know you will get through this. I went through this all through 2006, and I just kept pushing forward, and I survived. I think the "me" that emerges is "the real me."

Anonymous said...

Isn't Janet a good writer? "One for the Money" is the first of 13 .. and, let me tell you, Stephanie ALWAYS perseveres - as you do! I'm not surprised you found your other self - she's most assuredly always been there, waiting for you to need her. You & your DH continue to be in my prayers.

stitcherw said...

How about Strong Cathey, or Survivor Cathey. They say what doesn't kill us makes us stronger after all. Hopefully things turn around for you soon, as even if it is a growing experience, it would be very nice to have the growth be at an end. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers that it all works through soon.

The Stephanie Plum series are wonderful, and many of the scrapes she gets in do make you realize it could be worse. However, the books are good for such a fun laugh (I love grandma and Lulu). Have fun reading the whole series, it will certainly brighten your day.

Jocelyn said...

I think it's amazing the strength we find just when we think we can't take anymore.
Hold onto your new self. She will pull you through.
I wish better days ahead for both of you.

Alberta ('Berta) said...

Woo Hoo Cathey!!!!! Way to go! You are so strong, you can get through anything!

When I'm at cross roads or facing a huge challenge,I think about a Maya Angelou quote
"If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude!"

So far, it has worked for me!