Thursday, November 08, 2007

Hammy's Death Wish

Our little friend is still around but today he thought it would be fun to play chicken with oncoming traffic and that included our car! How he managed to save his butt, we'll never know. When we pulled into the yard, I asked DH to look in the wheel wells to make sure he wasn't plastered in one :oP Silly thing!

Believe it or not, he is STILL packing the pine cones into the birdhouse. I have no idea how he's doing it because it was pretty full when I took this picture. DH says that he must be living in behind the barn. That's good because after he's done all his shopping, I don't think any living space will be available :o)

I was reading some Blogs last night and Ranae gave me an excellent idea. She had posted on what to do about a project she had started but never finished because she didn't like it. So, I went in search of my notorious disliked UFO. I know you're going to groan when you see this ;o) This was my 'first' attempt at In The Arms Of An Angel by L&L -

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Do you think I miscalculated the fabric?

GOTCHA! LOL! I'll explain that in a minute ;o) I don't think it was so much the stitching on it but it was the color of the fabric that turned me off. That was in the day when I had never laid eyes on hand dyed fabric!

My 'second' attempt was worse though. I stared on a piece of Waterlily Jobelan but was quickly frustrated so out came the stitches so I have nothing to show for that one. Is there a third attempt? Not yet but I do have a gorgeous piece of hand dyed fabric just waiting ;o)

So, I guess my question is...what do you do with a project you have started but don't like anymore? In my case, I just cut around the stitching and salvaged the material. There were just too many stitches to take out, plus the red would probably leave a mark on the fabric. Have any of you done this?

Would you throw the whole thing in the garbage? If there was no excess fabric that is ;o)

What about giving the UFO to someone else to complete? For some reason, I just can't will myself to do this. Each project is my baby, from beginning to end. If it doesn't get completed, I still know it's there and that I can always try it again. Hey, greater miracles have happened! LOL!


Anonymous said...

I've never cut away the excess fabric but I have thrown UFO's out and also given them away for someone else to finish. I did that recently with my first attempt at Celtic Autumn.

I'd rather give it away actually than throw it as that way it gives someone else pleasure rather than just ending up as landfill.

Alberta ('Berta) said...

I've never been that far into a B*P and not kept at it. But if your heart isn't into it, why prolong the inevitable?

Hope Hammy knows what he's doing...sounds like the lack of oxygen is causing him to do crazy stunts!

Karen said...

I threw away a stocking I started I hated the fabric I hated the design in the end and it was always there mocking me so out it went, thats the only bit of stitching I have actually thrown away in over 20 years. I gave the chart and the rest of the threads away

Laural said...

Ok I freaked out a little when I saw that you had cut around the piece but I'm better now.

Well one of my UFO's is in the UFO RR. If I truly didn't like a piece I would give it away or pay another stitcher to finish it for me.

Jocelyn said...

I always salvage fabric from anything I don't finish. It hasn't happened often, but that's what I do. I am such a fabric/thread miser, there is just no other way. I use the fabric left for whatever will fit on it!!
As to giving the UFO to someone else, that's tricky. It would be nice to let someone else finish and enjoy it. It's a form of recycling! But on the other hand, the project is yours. Hmm... I would have to think about that.

Lori-Ann said...

yup, I cut around and reuse fabric if not much is done on it. Funny, but the only stitch I've abandoned and re-stitched was my own design... but that's a whole other story. Will likely happen again, too. ;)

Shannon L. said...

UFO's that I haven't finished because I couldn't stand something about it ? I toss the fabric and all. My feeling is that I've likely put negative energy into the piece, and why inflict that on someone else :)

In the case of your now-abandoned piece ? If I'd stitched that much in something and it looked that gorgeous, I'd go to a fabic store and find some eclectic fabric that matched - or two or three colours - and I'd "quilt" it into a bag. It would look rather abstract depending on how you do it.

Ok, maybe you just have to be in my head to envision it. But that's a scary place to be. Trust me, it's stunning LOL

Lili said...

Well, I wouldn't give my ufo to someone else. I feel it would be sort of... inappropriate, somethin like: take my trash, I can't get to put it in the bin... So, I do just like you've done with your project (what a shame, though, in your case...). And gladly throw the stitched part in the bin. It's OK with me...
Take care!

Rachel S said...

I have only flung one piece, a TW. The other projects I do that I maybe don't love I just put away, because at some point, I might like them again. I have a one armed geisha sitting around here somewhere waiting to be loved again--I realized I didn't like her anymore after a few months, put her away, then, out of guilt, stitched just enough to give her a head (somehow the concept of a headless, one-armed geisha is worse than a merely one armed geisha), then put her away.

Ranae said...

It's funny how everyone think different huh?
It's a shame to do so much work and then let it just sit unfinished.
I do rememeber now I have a Santa half done from ages ago. I tried to give away awhile back, but no takers. oh well!!

Carolyn said...

I have done the same thing fact I had a Paula Vaughn that was 3/4 done when I realized I had miscounted and got so disgusted I just took the piece/pattern and everything else associated with it and tossed it in the garbage and to this day have never done another.

I think I would do the same-save the fabric I could and go on from there...why stress over something you dislike..stitching should be fun..

Faith Ann said...

Can't say I've ever cut the fabric from a UFO. I only have one UFO and it's just sitting in a tote in my craft room. I might feel like finishing it some day lol.

I can't believe how much you got done before deciding to stop!

Jenn said...

I let the pieces sit around. I figure one day I'll pick them up again and get them finished.