Thursday, June 02, 2011

Rumble & Roll

Well if last night was like watching a rock n' roll band, it would have been one awesome concert! We had one wicked thunder and lightning storm that lasted from about 11pm to 2pm. How do I know? I was awake :oS

It was one rumble and boom after another; followed by flashes of light so bright, it was like daytime. We lost power sometime before midnight and it never came back on until early this morning. One disadvantage to having a can't surf the internet when the power goes out >:o(

Things have been busy around the Pumpkin Patch. The sun has finally shown itself and we don't dare stare at it for fear we might startle it and it disappears ;o) LOL! DH and I have been doing a lot of yard work and it's looking so good out back. I want to show you pictures but we need to get rid of some piles before I take pictures. We've discovered that there is one thing we 'can' grow in our yard and that's rocks! DH has taken 2-3 truck loads out of here and there's still about 1-2 left.

I guess because I'm not working, DH felt the need to make me feel important and assigned me head painter of our fence project. I'm now responsible for staining the fence. Yay. Do you know how hard it is to paint lattice work???? Ugh! At least I started with the hardest part so maybe it will just get better from here. That's what I'll just keep telling myself anyway ;o) My friend K owes me a favour after I helped paint her living room but I don't think I'll torture her with this. LOL!

A few weekends ago, DH and I went for a drive to Chester. We were hoping to pick up some plants and hit a few yard sales but it was SO cold! I didn't even want my ice cream treat that I was looking forward to. Anyway, we got to exploring and look what we came across -


Isn't that cool???? If you are not familiar with the TV show Haven, it's being filmed here along the South Shore :o) This is Nathan's truck with the police vehicles in behind -


Apparently Season Two is coming out soon but we didn't see any sign of filming.

I feel like I live in such an exciting place :o)


Patty C. said...

Tell your DH you don't have time for the fence because you need to make Hexagons - lol

Annie said...

You can always tell when summertime is upon us by the those scary thunderstorms!

Don't know that TV show, but it's always cool to have them filming in your area!

Leslie said...

I've never heard of the show but now I will look for it.
Head painter huh... no way ~ tell the DH you can paint and you can supervise! I have a fence and deck that need done and I hate that job. You are right, it is hard work.
Have a great weekend. Hopefully the storms have passed. : )

Rachael xxx said...

I still haven't seen that show, will have to look for the series dvd when it's out.

♥ Nia said...

That would be perfect to watch a horror movie.. if you had power :p heheheh
We had lots of thunderstorms a few ago too, not usual at this time of the year.. since Monday the weather is better around here, let's wait to see if the Sun will stay as it should! What a Spring.. =/
hahahah you can grow rocks on your yard? LOL :D
That's so cool! I haven't seen any episode from Haven yet but I'd like to, just for the fun of watching something filmed in Nova Scotia :) hehehhe

Angela P said...

That is so funny, I was just thinking about Haven the other day and checked to see when it was coming back (July 15) but that is the SyFy channel's date so not sure about here in Canada. I really enjoyed the first season and it is really cool that it is being filmed practically in your backyard :)

We had a good storm on Sunday night too, it lasted for about an hour but our power stayed on.

Good luck with that fence, don't hurt yourself ;) I hate painting! LOL

Karen said...

How cool! I LOVE Haven. I can't wait for Season 2. Sorry about your storm and power outage. I'm glad you're getting some sunshine. We had our share of rain and gloom here, too, and it's finally been sunny (although now it's too hot).

Lany said...

Hola querida,

Hace mucho que no paso por aquí, y como ya me encuentro algo mejor de la tendinitis he pasado para ver lo que andas haciendo, y he visto muchas cositas bonitas,y estoy alucinada con lo que cuentas....espero que todo haya quedado solamente en un susto y una anécdota ...

Julie said...

I've still not seen Haven, must look out for it