Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Sixth Finish For 2010

Oh boy, I seriously think I'm going to have to hide when I post this because I'm sure there are a few of you out there who will want to whip rotten fruit at me ;o) LOL! You wouldn't really do that would you?

Here is Dogs Leave Paw Prints by Lizzie Kate -


I stitched it with all the recommended threads but I changed the fabric to 28 count Natural Light linen since I didn't have the 30 count Cappuccino by WDW. I mean come on! A stitcher can only have so many different fabrics in their stash. It would be SO nice to have a LNS someday but I doubt that will ever happen :o(


This is the piece that I was stitching for my neighbours as a thank you for inviting us over to supper last month :o) I know how I'm going to finish it but haven't gotten that far yet. It shouldn't take too long. I just need to dig the sewing machine out AND warm up the basement so my hands don't freeze off.


I plan on stitching this design for myself as well and I think I'll finish it the exact same way. I might take a short break from stitching and do up another project that I've been thinking about. We'll see how the rest of the week goes. I haven't started Sabrina yet because I want to get these other things out of the way first. Don't worry, she'll be started soon enough :o)

Right now I am SO behind in my Blog reading and answering my emails :oS I hope that by the end of the week I'll be caught up again. If you haven't heard from me, I'll be around visiting soon :o)


WendyCarole said...

Love the colours

Danielle said...

This design is very cute! And I am very proud of you for having that many finishes so far! Go Pumpkin, go Pumpkin!

Annie said...

Very cute and such even stitching. I don't know how you do it so fast and so perfect at the same time!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Well there are no sour grapes here!!! lol You rock. Can't wait to see what's new next week. Oh I did finish,,,,one stitch...
Be always in stitches.

Anonymous said...

So have to do that one for myself. Sure you don't want to do some for me

Rachael said...

I think it's great you have been having so amny finishes, and that one is lovely

Rachel S said...

Very cute!

Irene said...

I love this design. Looking forward to seeing how you finish it off. I'm thinking of framing mine.

Marjorie said...

Well, at least someone is able to complete a project! Congrats on yet another cute finish!

Jenn's Crafty World said...

That's a really cute design; can't wait to see it in it's finished state.
Why couldn't you have a LNS? Is there already one in your town? How about an affordable Canadian internet site? Food for thought...

Chiloe said...

Sixth finish? :-0 Wow! I'm jealous !!! :-D I love the saying : very cute !!! Hope your neighbor will love it as well !

Anonymous said...

Aw, that's a cutie. Such a sweet gift for your neighbours. You know I'm saving up my tomatoes especially for you!

Ranae said...

What a cute finish!
I wish I were close enough by you, but not to throw tomatoes, but my WIP's lol
We luv ya too much and your stitches too.
I will be tickled when you start Sabrina, I can't wait to see her stitched

Cole said...

Boy, you're on a roll!!

Laural said...

Cute finish!!

I agree, how many shades of ecru, cream, cappucino, off white, antique white.... can we own?

Erynne said...

That is adorable!!
Six finishes so far??? Sheesh, give me some of what you're on,lol. I'd be happy to have 6 finishes this year..;p

Alberta said...

Paws of any type are good to have on your heart!

devonaz said...

Now who would want to throw any thing at you,,,that turned out really cute,,,good job..

Lisa said...

I love this chart, I have it in my stash. As for having your own LNS... been there, done that... you have all the stash you need but no time to use any of it!

Nancy said...

What a sweet gift you've made!

You're going to stitch Sabrina? She is GORGEOUS! Can't wait to watch your progress!

Hope all's well with you! I way too well understand being busy ... remember to take care of you.

Karen said...

Wow...another finish! Your needles are smoking. Great cute finish.

♥ Nia said...

oh I'm in love!!! that design is so sweet =) ♥♥♥
You have a long work ahead! Will you just stitch Sabrina? Or will you stitch little things on the way? :)

Have a lovely week!!!

Daffycat said...

Wonderful finish! This will make a darling gift!

Blu said...

Very cute!

Melanie said...

That's really cute, I'm sure your neighbour will be really pleased with it.

Crazee4books said...

Okay Cathey,

Enough is enough. You're making
the rest of us look like a bunch
of slackers here.

All kidding aside (for now) your
projects are all so wonderful
and look like they were so much
fun to stitch. This new Lizzie
Kate one is very sweet and truer
words have never been stitched.
I think that there's a feline
version of this design that I
must get someday and stitched.
Your neighbors will surely love
this little thank you gift.

I didn't vote for any of the
fabrics you offered for our
consideration to stitch
Sabrina on because I wasn't
sure how true the colors would
be in the photos to the real
life fabrics. And to my eye
they looked very similar to
each other.

Don't know if you've visited
Andie's blog (Stitchitandie)
but she's started stitching
Sabrina and it looks amazing.
You two should SAL together.

Your Peace snowman is too
cute holding that little globe
and wearing his nifty blue
plaid hat. The little charms
on this are a nice touch.
Love the finish that you chose
for this one with the fringe
all around.


Siobhan said...

That is adorable! Congrats on the finish.

JOLENE said...

What a cute deign....I think cats leave footprints on your heart, too!!!!

Lili said...

It's really beautiful and so appropriate I was surprised at first that you intended to offer this stitched design...
Now if you plan to stitch it twice, I understand better ;)))
I love mushroom lugana, but I really hadn't identified the fabric.
Do you finally intend to stitch Sabrina on this fabric then? Or will you finally change your mind? I'm asking because, you know, very often when I ask for an opinion, generally, I don't follow it... Lol!
HUgs sweet Pumpkin,

Carol said...

So sweet and I love the sentiment!

I'd be happy if I just had an LNS anywhere near me! It is so frustrating to have to order fabric only online...

Sharon said...

Too cute! It's perfect for you!

Cindy said...

Congrats on another cute finish!

Don't feel bad...I'm way behind on blog reading, too.