Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Second Finish Of 2008!

Today I just finished up Peace Love & A Cure by Lizzie Kate -


I just LOVE the colors in this project and I was very happy that I went with the recommended threads :o) I've just got it tucked into the fabric that I'm going to use to make the pillow tuck with at a later date. It's so beautiful out today that I took advantage of the sunshine to take my picture. So this will go towards one of my small project pieces for 2008. Sigh. I feel so behind but I'm getting there! LOL!

The beading has begun on Stargazer! She is looking sooooo awesome! I'm waiting until I finish up the beading on her top coat before I take a progress picture. I'm afraid I'm going to run out of beads so DH is going to pick up an extra package for me today (hopefully!).

After a few trial and errors, I have finally found my grove for beading :o) I had originally started with my lovely stand but it was a no go. I'm wondering if I should just sell it because I haven't used it at all :o( Even with the evening light, I'm still able to keep beading, just as long as my eyes don't get too tired. That's when I can't see that 'annoying' invisible thread. They don't call it invisible for nothing. LOL!


Anonymous said...

It's going to be lovely, Cathey. :o) Don't you love stitching best when the colors work so very well? I surely do. *sigh*

Rachel S said...

That is so pretty!

Lori-Ann said...

Peace, Love, Cure looks great!

regarding the mystery... I gave a hint in the comments ;o)

~Tammy said...

That is going to be beautiful. It already is and you've not even finished the pillow yet.

Cute finish!

Cindy said...

Congratulations on your finish!

I am looking forward to seeing your progress pic for Stargazer. I haven't mastered the beading process yet, so I always dread that part :)

Anonymous said...

Great colours!! And the fabric is so lovely!!

Rowyn said...

It's gorgeous. The colours are fabulous and the fabric really goes so well with the design.

My Mum was diagnosed with bc in February, a cure sure would be fandabbydoosey!

Karen said...

lovely finish , hope the beading goes well thats the part I hate on designs lol

Paisley said...

Congratulations on your finish! The colors are lovely and the fabric you chose looks perfect with it!

Itching To Stitch said...

Great finish. You're right, the colors work really well together ;)

Ranae said...

Congrats! on the beautiful finish.
gotta love that invisible thread, NOT!!

Crazee4books said...

Hi Cathey,

Hmm...Love the pictures of your lakeside property. You know most people drive to their lakeside cottage, they don't get the lake to meet them at their own home. Hope things are drying out and the waters are receding and no serious damage was done.

A groundhog (woodchuck) named George. It must be Spring indeed. Sounds like us getting all excited about the chipmunks and the rabbits...okay, I'm the one who gets excited about the rabbit. DH just gets peeved because the rabbits leave turds on his lawn which he has to clean up before he mows. Anyways, good to hear that George survived the winter and the water.

It must be so exciting to have Star gazer so close to a finish. She certainly looks lovely everytime that you show us a picture. She's a classy lady.

Your Bangor trip sounds like it was lots of fun, with lots of retail therapy and good food and great company. I haven't been down to the States since I was a kid but I've heard from friends about all the wonderful stuff that they have down here that we can't get here. By the way...the T-shirts were a!!


Yuko said...

Cathey, this is very beautiful and cute!
I have the same chart, but have to find the lovely fabric to make pillow, like yours!
Your pink fabric is very beautiful like the sample of this chart!
Congratulations on your finish!

Sharon said...

Pretty finish! Will look great in a tuck pillow.

Irene said...

Lovely piece, I'm sure it will look great in the pillow.