Thursday, May 01, 2008

Flood Watch Continues

It sure was a different sight when we woke up this morning!


Those are the two DEEP ditches in front of our house. DH estimates them to be about a meter and a half deep.

Here's another view of our place and all along the right hand side there is water too -


DH and I figure we should quickly put our place up for sale and advertise it as water front property ;o) We can even say we have a fish pond since we saw a fish in one of the ditches this morning! No, I'm not joking! We both saw it. It was about a foot long and DH 'thinks' it might be a Bass. SO weird!

Since our road was cut off both ways by water, DH and I decided to take a walk with the dogs this morning. Talk about a 'nice' quiet road we have now :o) This is one of our neighbours and it's almost like he's got his own little island -


This is where we are cut off further up the road -


We did witness a Jeep go through it but we didn't want to chance it with a car.

We also came across a new neighbour who is actually enjoying all the water -


I thought it was a beaver at first but it's a muskrat. They look like a beaver but they are smaller and have a long thin tail. He was having a great time.

The water levels reached 8.2 meters and have gone down a few inches where we are. They are saying that it might stay this way for a few days. The downtown area is completely flooded. Businesses have been closed and power has been shut off.

If you want an interesting site to go to, check out River Watch. It contains pictures of the flood and from the flood of 1973.

Thanks to all those that have emailed me or left comments :o) We are fine and we believe the most we would see at our place would be water in the basement or a very soggy septic field. Others are not fairing as well and I just can't imagine what they are going through. I hope this will all be over soon.


'Berta said...

I have to admire your sense of calm, making the best of the situation before you. Love the photos!

~V said...

I've been following it on tv, the photos are absolutely incredible in some places. Okay despite the devastation of the flooding, that's a really really cute muskrat photo!

Kendra said...

That's about what it looked like around here a month everything has dried up nicely, and the farmers have gotten most of the fields planted. I figured it would be forever before the fields dried up enough to get in them.

~Tammy said...

OMG that is absolutely unbelievable. I've been watching the coverage and it just doesn't seem real. Crazy!

Take care.

Paisley said...

That is a heck of a lot of water. At least you've managed to keep your sense of humor! Have you thought about what to do with your needlework if the water keeps rising?

Shannon said...

Take some more pics of your house with the water. Post them on the Internet and sell it as waterfront estate property to someone in another Province/State. You'll make a mint !

I love your new neighbour Mr. Muskrat. He does look like he's having fun :D

I'm glad you're doing okay !

Anonymous said...

You sound so calm. I'd be starting to stress. Hope the water levels go down soon.

Faith Ann said...

Great pictures... here's hoping the water levels go down soon so you're not stranded at home for too long!

WendyCarole said...

Glad to hear you are OK. Hope the water subsides soon

Rowyn said...

Stay safe. It's crazy with all that water on the ground, and all that beautiful blue sky. Hope it stays dry for you.

Lili said...

LOL! This is not a subject I should laugh about but your new avatar is so appropriate...
This is real scary and I'm glad you're still untouched by the flood... and I cross my fingers that things come back to normal very fast.
Big huge hugs,

Anonymous said...

Personally I wouldn't be too thrilled with mr. Musk as my new neighbour, but I'm glad you sound cool, calm and collected about the whole thing! Fingers crossed the water subsides soon!!

Ranae said...

Hey! water front property is the way to go, put up a dock and get a boat, lol.
Hope you dry out soon.

Rachel S said...

Goodness. I thought you might be getting some of that rain when i saw that MSNBC was talking about the river going up. Please be careful, but enjoy that waterfront property for now!

Karen said...

great photos glad the water hasn't entered your house

monique said...

I love your Yahoo avatar... ready for the floods, eh?! Great pictures, although not so great a situation. We've been getting a lot of flooding here, too, though not nearly as close as yours. Stay dry!