Saturday, March 09, 2013

Taking Shape + Winners!

It's been almost two months since I started Roses Of Provence. How time flies when you're having fun ;o) LOL! I know I gave you a little taste of her beginning but I've got a lot more stitched and thought you might like to see -

 photo RosesOfProvenceProgress2.jpg

She's got color! I really wanted to get the beading done on and around her head but so far I haven't had any childless opportunities ;o) Maybe soon. I'm anxious to see some of that bling.

 photo RosesOfProvenceCloseUp2.jpg

Her dress is gorgeous! There's no real pattern to it so after the white has been stitched in, it takes me awhile to stitch in the other colors. It's surprising how many colors Nora used; I think it's around ten.

 photo RosesOfProvenceCloseUp.jpg

I may not get a lot of time with her but I'm quite amazed at how much I've gotten done so far.

I have to apologize because awhile back I offered a pattern to whoever was interested and said I would draw a name if more than one person wanted it. Well, there were four interested parties so I drew a name and the winner was MOUSE! Congrats :o) I have your address and will be getting that out to you soon.

I also had another contest but it was a secret one. Just another way to show my thanks :o) I took all the names of those who commented on my January 28 post and got to pick a stalker. The winner was ANNE! Congrats to you too :o) Anne, you have won a complete kit and I'll be getting that in the mail soon as well.


Anne said...

Oh my gosh!! I won?! Here I am, finally finished report cards, catching up with blog posts...and I see me name! Thank you so much Pumpkin!!! That's a wonderful Saturday morning surprise for me! Roses of Provence is so pretty. I really love her dress and hair do. The bling will really make her sparkle and I'm looking forward to seeing her evolve!!


Vickie said...

Well how nice of you Cathey! I am still praying for you. I hope the three of you have a very nice weekend.

Kat said...

She's beautiful! I, too, love the dress colors!


Cath said...

Wow, she's looking gorgeous . And your stitches are so neat .XXX

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Wow the stitching is stunning! congrats to the winners! Huggles.

Annette said...

She is looking beautifull.
What a wonderfull lady your stitching!!
you stitch so neat.. really beautifull

congratz too the winners!!!

Mouse said...

oooooo :) well done to anne too .. and love those colours on that dress ... perfect stitching too ... and try using a bead mat under bead compartment as they do save them from going every where if knocked ..
will let you know when the postie arrives ... love postie days hehehe :) love mouse xxxxx

diamondc said...

Dearest Pumpkin: I find it so amazing that a person can paint with threads and turn out such a beautiful piece of art.
I am jealous of your work I cannot even think to try a Nora Corbett of this size.
Congratulations on your progress she is stunning.

P.S. Junior: You
must give mom a big kiss.

pam said...

You progress is great! she is looking lovely

Stitching Noni said...

Wow, doesn't she look lovely... Can't wait to see the bling.. :)
Well done to the winners :)
Hugs x

Linda said...

Great progress Cathey. What a pretty design.


Christina said...

She is looking so pretty already. Congrats to the lucky winners!!

♥ Nia said...

She looks so pretty already :)
Will you start to add beads already? I usually stitch everything and and beads just after the backstitch. This way I can iron (on the backside of course heheh) without any problem and then I add the beads ;)
This makes me think about my nest pixie! I still have to buy beads for her but I've been stitching gorjuss heheheh I will have to find the time for my Pixie too :)
Congrats to the lucky winners! :D
And a huge hug to you! I'm so happy to see your stitching!! :) Hugs&smiles

Catherine said...

She's looking absolutely beautiful!
Congrats to Mouse and Anne ~ how fun to have a secret contest!

Julie said...

It's lovely to see you are able to be having some stitching time, your lady is progressing very well. Such loveyl skin tone colouring and her dress colours are really pretty.
Love and {hugs} to you x

Myra said...

She is coming right along. So happy to see you having time to stitch.

Stitchinowl said...

Hi Cathey,
Your Roses of Provence is coming along great! Glad to see finding a little time to stitch. Congrats to the winners!

MaryO said...

Wow! Beautiful work! luv. MaryO

Valma said...

wow ! your stitching is so beautiful
this pattern is really pretty and you're doing it wonderfully
she is growing in a lovely way, her dress will be amazing
very sweet
congrats to the lucky winners =)
big hugs

Alberta said...

Beautiful stitches Cathey!

Marie said...

Roses Of Provence is looking good!!!

Sally said...

She is looking lovely.

Congratulations to the winners.

I hope you are doing ok. I haven't been reading or commenting much these past few weeks.

Carol said...

Cathey, I'm always so impressed with how perfect each of your stitches is!! She certainly is a beauty and I'm so happy to read that you've had some time to stitch in your busy, busy life!

Congratulations to Anne and Mouse!

Claudia Valle said...

She looks great!!!! Amazing progress!
I really want to Stitch this one too, I think it would look great with Sabrina :)

dixiesamplar said...

She is looking quite lovely, Cathey...can't wait to see her in all her glory!

Congrats to Anne and Mouse too.

Hope things are going well for you and yours.