Saturday, December 31, 2011

Santa's New Entryway

Another successful Christmas has come and gone. As always, it was here and gone before we knew it! This year, my parents were here for the holidays and we had a very nice visit with them :o) They even gave Junior his first Christmas present! LOL! He got a HUGE stuffed monkey and I'm sure he'll love it when the time comes and he can lay right on top of it :o)

As I mentioned in my previous post, DH and I had already bought our Christmas gifts for each other and got to enjoy them even before the big day. Each year we buy ourselves a pewter ornament for the tree and this year it was two chickadees -


It signifies that this will be our last Christmas as two ;o)

We also bit the bullet and put in a propane fireplace!


It may be hard to tell but DH had to build out the wall around the fireplace and it's not complete. I wouldn't let him do any sanding because I had just put up all the decorations and cleaned the house ;o) Remember the white mantle? Well, it's been stripped (partially) and whittled down. I love the look but we're still not sure if we'll repaint it or stain it. We also still have to pick out some tile to put around the fireplace insert.

And do you notice the area rug? That's my new $3,000.00 addition! Nope, I'm not kidding! Did we pay $3,000.00? Are you crazy? LOL! When we were searching out area rugs, I came across this great site called Rugs On Time. The real price? Just $421! That included free shipping, no tax and a free under cushion. How awesome is that?

I've still got loads to share but I'm still catching up with my Blog reading. Hopefully my Blog won't be as neglected in the New Year ;o)


Myra said...

Your fireplace and new rug look fabulous! I know you are enjoying that wonderful warm fire. Happy New Year!

cucki said...

wishing you a very happy new year..
love and hugs cucki xx

Lisa said...

Loving your area rug pumpkin & the fireplace looks lovely.

Rowyn said...

What a cute pewter ornament for your Christmas tree.

Love your rug and fireplace, looks very cosy. Don't you just love getting a bargain!

2012 is going to be a big year for you and I am sure it will be wonderful. Happy new year!

Catherine said...

Love the fireplace and the rug! When the time comes, you'll have to show a picture of the baby with his monkey!

Mouse said...

ooooo love the fireplace and can't wait to see peanut and the new monkey :) wishing you a wonderful and hopefully very stitchy new year ;) love mouse xxxx

Christina said...

Love your new ornament. Glad you had a wonderful visit with your family. Your fireplace and new rug are so pretty. Awesome deal on the rug. Happy New Year!

Lisa V said...

WOW what an amazing year you have ahead of you, Christmas will be soo different from now on.
Congratulations and enjoy!

Karen said...

Happy new year.... I know 2012 will be a special one for you and your family.

Nancy said...

Love the new rug! Got us a new one the other night, just a bit of change.
Happy New Year to you & your DH!

valerie said...

Happy New Year! Love the new touches in your home. I can't believe the deal you got on the rug!

♥ Nia said...

Happpy New Year!!! :D
Baby first Christmas present! so cute =))
What a great deal!!! :D I hate how rugs cost so much =/
Your ornament is lovely!!! beautiful =)))

Carol said...

Great progress on your redecorating, Cathey--I need to do some (a lot!!) of that myself!

I love your newest pewter ornament--next Christmas will indeed be an exciting one for you :)

Rachael G said...

I wonder if next year the ornament will be a Baby's first christmas one. Love the idea though!!
Wow that was a bargain rug then!!

Have a fabulous New Year!!!

Marion said...

Yeah...I can finally comment on blogs again!!!
Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas!! Glad your mom and dad spent it in NS with you....and by the way....YOU LOOK GREAT!!!!

Take care

WendyCarole said...

love the fire place and rug
Happy New Year.

Alberta said...

Happy New Year Cathey & family!!!!

Your room looks so cozy, can't wait to see the fireplace finished!


Julie said...

A beautiful new ornament for your tree.
The fireplace looks real cosy.
2012 is going to be so much fun and hold such wonderful memories for you.

Aussie Stitcher said...

Love the ornament and the sentiment too. The rug is gorgeous and the fire place looks so cozy.

Mary Ann said...

I love your new fireplace and rug!! And, your ornament for the year is especially adorable!

Happy New Year!!!

Melanie said...

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!

The rug is FAB!! I can't believe you got such a great deal on it. Go you!! :)

Denise said...

Love your rug and fireplace. Great deal on the rug!

Your new ornament is beautiful. Next year you can get an ornament with 3 snowmen!

Tatkis said...

Your room looks wonderful! Hope you feel good :)

Happy New Year to you and all your family (and future little one too :) )


Brigitte said...

Oh, I so loved to see your picture in one of the previous posts. You look great with your baby belly.
You have some great embellishments added to your living room. Enjoy the new look!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pumpkin!
I love your chickadee ornament! I've been gathering up bird ornaments the past year or so. I plan on having a tree with just them on it. The fireplace looks nice, I see my little blue bear on the mantle :)
Happy New Year!
Donna in WV

Lynn said...

I love your new fireplace and that rug too. It's gorgeous! Thanks for the link to where you found it. I'm thinking of putting a rug on the hardwood in our living room.

Hillery said...

My in-laws have a summer home on Tancook Island and they bring us back an Amos Pewter ornament for Christmas every year. This year I got a snowman. Seems like I already posted this to your comments, so if I did, please disregard. HEEHEE.

sweetpea said...

I remember the mantle. Looks great all sanded. The fireplace looks good and warm. I'm the color green ;)
Last year as two... but three is soooo much fun!